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Hi out there.  I woke up this morning with a definitive urge to write.  Not that I haven’t had this urge before, it just so happens to be a time when I had the opportunity to do so.

When I was a kid, I never truly understood the need and want for there to be “more hours in the day”.  Trust me, that outlook has since changed and I really wish there was another ten hours in the day.  Writing about parrots is hard.  Not that it’s difficult to write per se, there is only so much you can write specifically about birds.  They eat, talk, poop, make us laugh and repeat.  I decided to take the angle and sway it a little to the left, and change the filter.  Parrot Earth came along when I began my crazy journey into the world of birds, and since that time, a lot of things have changed.  Social Media has provided us with things such as blogs, video blogs and websites, which are a wonderful resource.  Social Media has also helped us get in contact with professionals and be apart of a greater learning system, clubs, groups and the lives of other bird lovers.  Granted, Social Media has not helped with online temperament, not has it helped with online manners.  There are still those keyboard commandos out there, we are just a little more equipped to handle them.  Maybe we’ve just become a little more tough skinned or we just don’t pay attention, either way we have come into a place of social media comfortability.  I’ve noticed it’s easier to Unfriend, Unfollow, or Unlike a person or group, than throw venom into the void.  Fighting with people who have to have the last word are sometimes just not worth it.

During my journey, I have also learned more about myself.  My mother swears its age and I’m coming into my own, which I will say is probably the case.  I think the older you get your “give-a-sh#tter” (as my mother refers to it) turns off.  You stop worrying about the little things and you also realize who’s important and more importantly what you will put up with. You have the freedom to let your own Ouiser Boudreaux, from Steel Magnolias, fly and embrace those funny hats and bib overalls.  It’s also much easier to release those negative people back into the wild where you found them.  It’s also easier to let those “last word” people have just that, the last word.  In the bird world, there are some different personalities and in essence it comes down to who you want to associate yourself with.  I will admit, I almost packed up and left the avian community.  I got tired of the vitriol spewed to the masses.  However I chose to take a break and do some self-care.  I got into this community for a reason, and I intend on staying and making a difference.  Even if it’s to a handful of people, it’s worth it.

In the last year we began a non-profit, called The Gilded Feather Foundation.  Our foundation does fundraising for many animal groups and some two-legged too.  We have some extremely vital people on our board, and three of them work for other non-profit organizations.  You always need to surround yourself with the best people, and we truly have.

The Gilded Feather Foundation brought forth the Northwest Bird Expo.  There are many avian events annually, and we wanted to bring some of our friends in the avian education business to the area.  It went smashingly, especially for a first year event.  We had Dr. Karen Becker (#1 followed holistic vet in the world) Lara Joseph (owner of The Animal Behavior Center and international trainer) Patricia Sund (fellow blogger and writer of Parrot Nation) Dr. Jason Crean (advocate for raw food diets and avian activist) Jamie Whittaker (from the Indonesian Parrot Project), local vets from The Center for Bird and Exotic Animal Medicine, Dr. Anneliese Strunk and Dr. Alicia Mclaughlin.  Boy…. you want to talk about the educational energy in one space.  You could have easily powered an entire city with the brain power in these lectures.  The vendors who came and sold were also amazing!  We had toy manufacturers, stores who closed down to set up in the vendor hall, artists who came from out-of-state to exhibit their artwork, a tarot reader and intuitive animal healer and representatives from some of the best sanctuaries in the state….just to name a few.

With any good event, it’s hard to think about making the same impact we did during the second year.  We also want to make something unique and different from anything happening in the country.  So as Coco Chanel said “less is more”.  We are slimming things down to a one day OUTDOOR event and expanding into all animal and nature lovers.  This event will now be the Northwest Animal and Nature Festival. We are so excited to be partnering with The Olympic Bird Fanciers and Discover Burien to make a truly unique event for all.

Our company Greywood Manor Tea & Provisions has been a blockbuster of a success and some amazing things are coming with that.  (that’s all I am at liberty to discuss about that, and if you haven’t checked out our products for birds, you need to).

After some reflection on blogging, the avian community, non-profit organizations, events and bird people…. it’s time for a reemergence .  It’s time to write again and bring some of my experiences into the collective.  Sometimes we learn more from our mistakes than we do our successes, and it’s all a matter of perspective and allowing yourself the chance to “re-energize”.  Thanks for reading.

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