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Written By: B.D. Butler - Nov• 18•16

busy-beeI know some of you who have been reading and following Parrot Earth have probably thought, “what gives?”.  Hey, I don’t blame you.  I have wondered the same thing a time or two, at least the past few months anyways.  I have been trying to find the time to write, really I have.  Writing is something that helps me feel grounded and helps me sort out the many many many thoughts in my head. Did I mention I think a lot?  It’s true.  So this past few months have been so hectic, I haven’t necessarily been able to get to it with my schedule being the way that it has.

greywood-banner3Greywood Manor Tea & Provisions has been extremely successful this past year and we are busier than ever. Especially with the glowing reviews and results we are getting from our devoted customers! I am constantly researching new products that would be beneficial and safe for animals in your home.  I am so proud and thankful every time I get to hand blend an order for our customers.  It’s like a feeling of sending a handmade present to a friend.  We definitely pride ourselves in our branding and want every opening of a package from Greywood to be an experience.  Not just some delivery from another pet supply distributor.

2b-copyAfter several requests from friends and colleagues in the avian community, we have constructed a planning team and we are putting together the Northwest Bird Expo.  We pulled out all the stops in the speaker list and am extremely excited to what each individual speaker brings to the table.  Our speakers include the amazing international trainer, Lara Joseph.  She is one of my favorite people and if you haven’t found her beloved Animal Behavior Center online or Facebook you are truly missing out.  Next up we have my buddy Jason Crean, whoops  I mean Dr. Jason Crean.  He went out and got a EdD this year, but don’t worry he isn’t too high and mighty, yet. I kid, I kid. Then we have spunky “Chop” guru and my buddy, Patricia Sund. We are working on getting her the veggies and choppers so she can show our attendees the fun of doing chop, not just sitting in a chair and learning about it. I don’t know about you, but I personally learn hands on. Last but certainly not least we have one of the most followed veterinarians followed on social media (in the world), Dr. Karen Becker DVM. We interviewed her for From the Perch, A Podcast and I tell ya, she has more information about birds in her pinky, than I have in my whole body.  She can talk about anything, and it’s a joy to listen to. I personally talked with many members of the avian community and wanted it to be the best experience for anyone from a novice parrot owner to a seasoned parrot owner, could take away the feeling of, “I learned something and I can apply it to my daily life”.  Our team consists of people with amazing organizational skills and experience working with non-profit events and event planning. Not to mention the positivity and team work atmosphere! gilded-feather-logo As any leader should say, “I am no one without the people I work with and lean on”. We have an amazing accountant for the non-profit organization we started, The Gilded Feather Foundation.  TGFF is the backbone of the operation, the concrete foundation to build our goals. We are also very excited about what we will be doing with other non-profit organizations in the future.  To be honest, it’s an exciting learning experience and I have learned so much about myself and others during the process. Our event is in a Seattle suburb (just five minutes away from the Sea-Tac international airport) Burien, WA.  Our venue is the beautiful Burien Community Center, which to me screams Seattle culture.  It’s quirky, intimate and surrounded by natural lighting and foliage.  I could not have wished for a better venue for the first year.

So in the back of my mind, if you are reading this, you have been losing sleep over why I have not had the time to sit down and write anything.  (that was total #sarcasm in case you don’t have the same dry and sarcastic sense of humor I do).  Now you know, all the good things which have been keeping my away from my keyboard.  I am working on getting my schedule a bit more regimented so I can make the time to write and not neglect Parrot Earth, which is so very important.  So, until then.  Be good to yourselves and your birds!

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