The Cartoon Loving Parrot(s)

Written By: B.D. Butler - Dec• 03•15

As parrot owners we are constantly looking for news way to enrich our feathered companions.  After years of searching, it’s not the easiest to find something that your parrot hasn’t done a thousand times, or isn’t already bored of.  Novelty is key.  scooby

The world of birds has many enrichment toys designed to keep that little nugget of information working, however if you birds are like mine, it gets solved after spending twenty minutes and is never touched again.  Granted it will depend on the species, but again, birds are different and some just have a hankering for solving puzzle toys.  At that point the forty-five dollars you spent on this magical wheel seems pretty frivolous.  Little did you know there are small things like cartons or paper towel rolls that will give you just as much time, but that’s a different article.

Before we had our current house, we had our birds in the living room.  To be frank, they loved it.  They got to spend time in the midst of everything and for our greys and lovebird it was a wonderful way to keep them mentally stimulated. Now the birds have their own bird room, and it’s lovely.  They have their own space, air filtration, UV lighting closet full of newspapers, toys, plants and even stencils on the walls. However I noticed something was missing after the move.  There were no boxes that weren’t unpacked, nothing that was missing in their cages.  So what could it be?  

Noises.  When we would leave in the other house I made sure they had the radio on, or the cartoon network.  I wanted them to be able to hear a diverse amount of sounds which would keep them from focusing on the fact that we were gone.  It also worked great with our dogs and kept them from focusing on the traffic or the mail man delivering mail in the mail slot.  What I didn’t realize is what would happen next.  They began immitating the lovely sounds from Scooby Doo and other favorite toons from our past.  Zoink, Boing, Zap and other noises began flying our of their little beaks.  

Not only do they get to hear sounds from the tv, but they get to see bright colors and that will also keep them using their minds.  I am very particular about what I play for the birds.  Anything that is going to possibly frighten them, I steer clear of.  I also play them jungle sounds off of YouTube, and they love hearing all of the various bird calls and continually attempt to communicate with them.  I figure it is the best way to give them a sense of the outdoor wild world, which they will never get to see.  

Rio-2-Movie-wallpaper1The key is getting to know what your bird responds to.  My birds like any cartoon or animated movie with music.  You will usually find one bird dancing along with a song break in the middle of Rio, Aladdin or The Little Mermaid.  They even love the classic cartoons like Garfield and The Gummy Bears.  

So the next time you leave the house, leave the tv on or even the radio.  They will love the company and you may come home to find some fun and novel Zoinks or Jinkees coming out of their beaks!  

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  1. Cheryl K says:

    Great article. I had a cockatiel that loved watching cartoons. My current birds don’t pay any attention to the tv unless there are birds and monkeys to scream at. They don’t like too much noise in the house at all. I have to turn everything off during nap time!

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