Written By: B.D. Butler - Feb• 16•15

willowWhen we bought our much larger house, I definitely wanted to look into bringing another bird into our flock.  Of course I couldn’t decide what species and what personality we wanted to add to our home.  Granted, every bird its its own unique personality, some species are a little more vivacious than others.

Of course I sent out some feelers on a few birds that I had seen here and there, but for some reason I was a bit reluctant.  That was until the day I saw Avian Retreat, a local rescue,  advertise a Congo grey female that was just coming in. Cleo was owned by a gentleman who purchased her after his wife passed away. He owned her for six years and unfortunately he passed away as well.  Cleo then went to live with the daughter and son-in-law of her owner. She immediately bonded with the son-in-law of her original owner and adopted him as her person. They, being a dog family, tried to work together with Cleo in making it an easy transition into their home, however it just didn’t work out.  We all know that when you bring a bird into your house, you have a vision of how things will go and sometimes that works out and then….well, sometimes it doesn’t.  I laughed when I wrote that last sentence,  because all too often in adopting or fostering older birds that we have, when we brought them home 90% of the time it all went incredibly NOT as planned.

greyssundayI look at things as “meant to be” and I truly believe it worked out the way it was supposed to.  Avian Retreat made sure Cleo had blood work done and was in perfect health before they even contemplated coming to the house for a house check.  After that was done, we agreed that Cleo’s current owner needed to come out to the house as well, I personally think it was a wonderful idea and it allowed Cleo’s current family to see where she was going and who she would be living her days with.

Cleo has been an absolute gem to have in our home, and is making an amazing addition.  They boys like her, but are keeping their distance.  She has in a very relaxed state ever since she came through the front door.  There are times that she is a bit nervous, but for the most part she is settling in nicely!  In fact she reminds me of when I brought Dexter home, just so easy-going and go with the flow kind of bird.  If only that would rub off on Cooper, well one can dream.

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