Room to Breathe.

Written By: B.D. Butler - Apr• 03•14
I got organized here.

I got organized here.

Recently, as you may have read, I ordered a double stack cage for Dex and Coop. It turned into an episode in patience and that is NOT one of my best qualities.  Overall it did become a learning experience of which I am very happy about.

Not too long ago a fellow blogger buddy, Patricia Sund,  did a series of articles about cleaning house and getting organized.  It fueled a movement with her readers and inspired people to start sluffing off the old and putting things into their place and every place it’s thing.  I am not out of that circle. Closets got cleaned, cupboards got rearranged and we started to make plans.  Plans of the things that we no longer needed, returning the items we have borrowed from people and just really wanting more room.

photo (11)When you are in a smaller house, which is not uncommon here in Seattle, you have to figure out the creative ways to make room.  It’s funny that in winter, you start to feel that suffocated feeling and before you know it spring is knocking adding that inspiration to truly indeed, clean house.

Before we had the greys in separate cages and Hugo the lovebird has his mansion and it became too much.  Above all I refused to sacrifice the comfort and space of my birds.  Someday I hope that I can come back in this life as one of our animals, because they definitely do have priority and aren’t “wanting” for anything.  After months of research and figuring out measurements that right cage popped up and I just couldn’t see finding a better space saving option.

cage.beforeThe cage arrived in pieces, without the directions, but hey “S$*t Happens” right?  We got it put together in no time and let’s just say that it’s a massive tank.  High Quality is right, this cage weighs about 250lbs and each individual cage actually bigger than the cages that they had before.  Since my greys have had different cages prior it didn’t take them much time to get curious about the gray duplex that was planted in the living room.

cage.afterAfter getting Dexter and Cooper in their new flat, we pressure washed the old cages and let them dry overnight.  We made the decision to keep the cages, because they are both beautiful California Cages and as we bird folk know, California Cages are so rare they are like cigarettes in prison.  After letting them fully dry, we plastic wrapped them and placed them in storage. It’s kind of a nice feeling to know that we have back up cages, just in case we need them.

standWe also bought a beautiful perch from Golden Cockatoo in Florida!  Which I want you to know that they are a delight to deal with and the shipping across the country was not a problem at all.  They use FedEx and the stand came in a couple pieces which only required a ratchet wrench and three minutes to put together.  The quality is superb and both of the greys love it. I wanted to make sure that the greys had a stand they both liked because with a double stack cage, there is no playgym on top to utilize.  With this stand they get plenty of away time from their cage and personally I think it makes for a much happier parrot.

So…. take a little time this spring and make some space saving changes in your household.  Your parrots will thank you for it and you may get a little extra room to breathe.

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