Shipping Guaranteed?

Written By: B.D. Butler - Mar• 26•14
I got free shipping here.

I got free shipping here.

Not long ago, we had a realtor and were looking for a bigger house.  To me space and organization are a key to a healthy life.  I am one of those people who likes bins and labels and for things to be put back in their place.  It just helps the flow of my house and since we don’t really have a ton of space or storage here, I like to make it as space conscious as possible.  Recently because the market isn’t flooded with amazing properties that fit into our requirement list, we decided to put the house hunting on the back burner, for now.  

So that being said, I am always looking for ways to slim down congested areas and give us as much room as possible.  Egads, I have come up with some great ideas and we also have gotten rid of a bunch of crap.  I like the “if you don’t use it in 6-8 months, you don’t really need it” philosophy and for the most part I try to stick to it.  However there are some things that I refuse to get rid of, because I know that we will be in a bigger house someday and somethings are just too pricey to replace.  The only thing I can say is thank god for an attic and a friend that doesn’t use her garage.  In the pursuit of the ultimate free-flowing spacial feng shui, I checked some measurements of the grey’s cages.  I had pondered getting a double stack cage for them for years but hadn’t really found one that I was too keen on.  I also noticed that they have been getting along a lot better and could stand to be in the same vicinity without insane cage aggression.  Also considering that birds don’t have cages in the wild, I like the idea of mixing things up for them a bit and trading them back and forth in the upper and lower cage.  Currently they are across from one another and I try to switch their cage location and their toys, even for just a little variety, because as we all know a bored parrot is never a good thing.  

doubleWhile looking for a cage I thought in detail about what I wanted and what I would not settle for.  I wanted high quality, similar  size measurements to what they have now, proper bar spacing and a personal favorite accessory, a seed guard.  Pretty simple right?  There was a fateful day I felt like the clouds had opened up and the sun cam beaming down on my head.  Or so I thought.  I was so ecstatic about finding this unicorn I reviewed their shipping procedures and ordered it.  The order was guaranteed processed and shipped in 1-2 business days.  It was Tuesday.  

After the 1-3 days passed and I had not received a shipping confirmation, complete with a tracking order, I sent a quick “touch base” email regarding my order.  I did not hear back until exactly one week after my order was placed and four business days after my email.  I was then informed that they do not have any cages in stock (which is NOT what their website portrays) I was informed that they “drop ship” which means they are the retail middle man.  Hey I am familiar with drop shipping, I know that many internet based companies use it; in fact I use a drop ship company to print and ship my Parrot Earth T-shirts (which are available NOW *wink wink*), but my customers know that.  Drop shipping keeps costs down so you don’t have to keep a large inventory in stock.  

Little did I know that when I ordered from this company in “Iowa” that I would be expecting a shipment from “Louisiana”.  As time went on, I wondered, “where is my cage?”.  So I sent another email asking for a shipping confirmation and tracking number.  I honestly felt like it was an imposition when I finally got a reply.  I checked the tracking number and it said the cage was being shipped to California, we are located in Washington.  So I then contacted the company and asked if another freight company would be bringing it north to Seattle.  Three days went by before I got a response.  I even contacted the freight company with no help.  Eventually I was contacted and apparently given the wrong tracking number.  With this tracking number I was able to find out that the cage was shipped from the distributor in Louisiana, there was no regular company that shipped to Washington and it was handed off to another company that services our area.  Meanwhile for four days the cage sat on a loading dock waiting for the new company to pick it up.  When it was picked up, I had to call all parties involved again for a “new” tracking number.  I was then told it would be expedited due to my “inconvenience” however I know from my customer service days, that’s a lovely tactic to get you to shoosh and don’t make a scene.  

I got tracking here.

I got tracking here.

The tracking number said it would be delivered today.  However the truck was late and the appointment is scheduled for Friday.  I can wait that long, I feel like this has been one of those learning experiences that I will never forget.  Oh, did I mention the shipping company wanted to charge me (remember this was free shipping)an additional $75 for a special “lift gate truck” because the cage is in two pieces and fastened to a palette.  After being talked down to and sniped at by the person and knowing shipping from back in the day (I worked in the Montgomery Ward Warehouse as a shipping clerk)I won’t exactly tell you what I told the person I was speaking to but it was along the lines of “I will cut the straps off the boxes and hand deliver the cage myself and you can stick the palette where the sun doesn’t shine”.  Needless to say I will not be doing business with this freight company after all is said and done and especially the company where I ordered the cage from.  It’s been an episode in terror.  I just hope the cage is five hundred times better than this shipping ordeal.  Fingers crossed.

When ordering a cage or large purchase from a company that is out-of-state ask some questions.
1. Do you have the item in stock or do you “drop ship” from a distributor?  If they use a distributor ask where they are located.  
2. What method of shipping do you use? (Fed Ex, UPS, or a freight company)
3. Does your normal freight company ship to my area?  If not, what secondary freight company will they use to make sure my purchase delivered?
4. Do you guarantee Free Shipping?
5. How long will my order take to ship?  If they cannot give you an exact date, can they at least give you a ball park. 
6. Get tracking numbers and contact information!  If your order goes awry (which it possibly could) it’s good to be organized because depending on who you will be talking to, they all have different numbers.  
I got Customer Service here.

I got Customer Service here.

Customer Service in this our world has depleted, I was in the restaurant/bar management business for 17 years and I always took great pride in helping people and making sure they were satisfied.  I learned my work ethic from my mother “do your best or don’t bother” was the motto.  Unfortunately, I don’t think that motto is used anymore.  There are those rare and wonderful instances when you get a good representative or customer service experience who gives you hope the whole world doesn’t hate their job.    

Don’t settle for mediocre customer service, you’re not helping yourself or the people who are doing the job.  Give compliments where they are due and ask simple questions like…. 

is Shipping Guaranteed?

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