Under Construction?!

Written By: B.D. Butler - Mar• 24•14

detourI don’t know about where you reside, but here in the Pacific Northwest when Spring comes and the sun starts to make more regular appearances, there is a single color starts to make its way prevalently into every neighborhoods and  our roadways.   Orange!  It’s everywhere, road construction, detours, asphalt patches and most recently in our neighborhood…. construction to build green storm water drains.  I could give you the long version of what that means, but I will give you the shorter explanation.  Basically they are tearing up the parking strips in various neighborhood blocks, to insert large drains into large swales which will filter the storm water and then go into our water supply.  Hey, I am all for green alternatives to just about anything that will help this dying planet of ours.  In fact, when we purchase a house we are going to install solar panels.  So… what’s the big deal?  As some of you know, living with parrots and animals is already a bit challenging, add trucks beeping, jack hammers, backhoes, and giant soil levelers that make the house feel like it’s in a low-grade earthquake for hours, it proves to be irritating.  I’m trying to see the larger picture.

constructionWhat you can expect during construction

  • Bioretention Swales constructed in two seasons – March to October 2014 and March to October 2015
  • Each block will take approximately two months to complete
  • Work hours in compliance with City of Seattle permits, which typically allow work between 7 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday
  • Local access at all times for homeowners and emergency vehicles
  • Pedestrian access at all times

How long is this going to last?  Well, the upside we are in the final three(ish) weeks left.  It’s been going on since March and patience are beginning to wear away.  We are no longer able to park in front of our house (which for us isn’t necessarily a problem because we have a driveway in our backyard) but there are elderly people on our block that don’t have that luxury.  No parking signs that say, possibly no parking until “mid or end of april”, makes them seem organized right?  They also begin their construction at 7am and work sometimes well into the evening.  Which is not a problem for me, because I figure the longer the hours then the faster the finish line arrives.  However, the animals do not seem to see it that way.

Both of the birds have adopted all of the construction noises that go along with it.  Various truck beeping, jackhammers, slamming, metal clanging just to name a few.  Cooper and Dexter are also beginning their ascent into spring hormones, which means my skin will soon be tested for thickness and healing ability.  I will also be tested to see how fast I can bleed out after one of Cooper’s episodes into “crazytown”.  This construction is also wearing on them.

construction2With the combination of factors I cannot control, I am trying to keep them busy with chew toys or soothing music on the radio when they are taking their mid day nap, just so every little noise doesn’t startle them.  I also try to spend that little quality alone time with them, so they get a little extra nurturing and security.  Lord knows that when it feels like the world around you is exploding around you, it’s nice to feel safe.

While writing this article, I noticed that there is a large crack in the ceiling plaster in the bird room, no doubt aggravated by the seismic activity caused by their giant ground leveling machine.  My aggravation for this project has gained an all time high.  Granted, it is not the end of the world, but home repairs and patch jobs are a chore when you have birds.  Making sure that everything is dry the air is safe for them to breathe before you return them to the area is the top priority.  Guess it’s time to call the plaster man.

I know that the all of the animals at Parrot Earth headquarters will survive… but will I?  The end of April cannot come fast enough.

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