Where Have You Been?

Written By: B.D. Butler - Sep• 30•13

eyeI woke up this morning and was able to finally get to some Parrot Earth emails, and most were asking if I was okay, or if something was wrong because I haven’t written as regularly as I used to  So after a little deliberation over a morning cup of coffee, I decided that it was time to answer all of them at once, with an article.  

To be honest I have tried to keep somethings private, even after I have been told multiple times to make things a lot more personal. kanyePost videos of you and your birds in your home (which I have done a few), tweet everything that you are doing, make Facebook your diary of daily activities, these are all things that I have read and learned in marketing 101.  I enjoy keeping certain things behind the curtain, especially since my husband didn’t sign up for notoriety.  Really,  I enjoy having a bit of a barrier between my private life and the world of aviculture.  However I threw myself into the ring of public awareness, and with that comes responsibility.  

popeye1There are several reasons why I haven’t written anything lately, the first probably being that physically I haven’t been able to really use my hand.  See I suffer from arthritis and sometimes my hands (along with other joints) will swell up to very large Popeye looking limbs and typing is almost impossible.  I just finished with a round of steroids to help speed up the healing process.  I try not to throw that out to the public to often, because I don’t want sympathy.  I’m fine, it’s just a perk that I have to deal with.  crohnsribbonMost people aren’t aware that I have had Crohn’s disease for quite a while now and to be honest, it’s just one of those things that you get used to.  I am in pretty good shape otherwise, I have to take it easy from time to time and learn my limits.  Getting old is NOT for wimps and it’s okay to take a little “me” time.  Your health is sometimes all you really have.  

expo.flyer.revampAnother reason is; I am helping plan the Seattle Parrot Expo 2013 and being on the board of directors of Flight Club Foundation and also co-chair of the event has proven very strenuous.  We also have done a few fundraisers for the event, and if you have even put together a fundraiser, you know how stressful that can be.  Right now it’s turned into “crunch time” and we all know what little snafu’s etc can come back to slap you in the face if you’re not on your game.  It is all coming together and it’s going to be a blast when it’s all said and done.  It’s just a process and I am learning a lot planning an event of this magnitude.  

Another thing some people don’t know about me is, I own a fundraising company that has raised almost ten thousand dollars for various charities, just this year.  It can be a lot of work but I love doing things for organizations that help others, and that includes animals too.  Every chance I get to help an animal charity function, I do.  It keeps me busy and more importantly, focused.

I got bummer here.

I got bummer here.

To be quite frank, the world of aviculture has been a bit of a bummer lately. Something that was so unique and comforting has become a battlefield of rumor filled hate campaigns.  I have opted out of most of the Facebook groups that I was apart of at one time, just because of some of the venom that is spewed.  Hey, I get people have opinions, and I will admit I am quite the opinionated ass at times, I just don’t like the idea of someone assuming because they are made an admin of one of the groups they are given the eternal lighting bolt from Zeus making them a demigod or given an automatic doctoral degree from Harvard (and no I have never claimed to be an expert, nor would I ever).  Unless you indeed to have a PhD in the topic relating to the group, don’t get angry when I don’t/won’t agree with,  or question your opinion.  It’s nothing personal, I’m just a “why” person.

dex.coopI am trying to remain focused on the tasks at hand, writing has become my life and I truly enjoy it more than just about anything.  The past few weeks I have also enjoyed taking a bit of time to get in touch with why I originally started Parrot Earth in the first place.  You see there are these two little feathered creatures in my living room, that like to imitate me to a tea.  They make me laugh, they inspire my intrigue and adornment of parrots, with their intellect and their own individual aloof personalities.  I’ve enjoyed, taking a break and just appreciating my own parrots, putting my training skills back into practice and loving every single thing about birds again.  It’s been very nice to refocus and get back to the basics, instead of worry about the latest “dirt” on someone or what someone has put on Facebook.  I’m starting to see that the simple things in life can truly be the most joyous.  

LKAs I wrote in , WWLKD – What Would Leslie Knope Do? – Remember when meeting new people who shared your interest of parrots was exciting? Remember when you first walked up to a parrot and were just intrigued by their mystery and intelligence? Or the first time you got to share your love with bird with someone else and spark their interest? Remember when the birds were all that mattered?

I started Parrot Earth to help “newbies” to the avian world learn about from my mistakes and maybe steer them in the right direction, to places they could get proper information.  So that maybe we together could grow along the way and make a quality of life for our birds that is better than just ok or average.  It wasn’t for an ego trip, or because I needed a fix of celebrity, it was just to make a difference.  And Parrot Earth will continue to be for one reason and one reason alone, helping anyone with a love for birds.

ParrotEarth_Logo3_gradientTMSo there you have it, some of the reasons why I haven’t been so on top of everything, but I’m working on it.  I hope this shows an example of me being human, not in it for the fame, not imitating anyone, but just me being my authentic self.   I have some great things in the works and I can’t wait to see how everything plays out.  October is going to be busy month for me, but I’ll let you know one thing, I appreciate everyone’s continuing support in helping make Parrot Earth what it is today!  Because without you, your love of birds, love for the avian community, and most importantly the parrots themselves… there would be no Parrot Earth.  

“Because, isn’t it really just a parrot’s world and we are living in it?” – B.D. Butler

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  1. Shannon Beeman says:

    Well said B! I am so happy for you that you’ve found your passion & are able to pursue it!

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