Parrot Earth’s Chop/Mash-A-Thon

Written By: B.D. Butler - Aug• 05•13

chop.4When I was asked to be on the board of directors for Flight Club Foundation, as their marketing director, I of course was excited to be able to help put together a parrot expo in the Seattle area. There has not been an expo for parrots in Seattle in about ten years.

IMG_8912When you begin to place things together in the planning stages you have to think about fundraising. I of course thought of the new rage going around several rescues and bird stores around the country. Making chop/mash with a group of people and selling the bags to the participants. They not only get a hands on tutorial of how to make chop/mash, they also get to take the fresh product home to their birds and we made some money for Seattle Parrot Expo 2013! Win, Win, Win. So I called Lisa at Inca’s Secret in Kent Washington and we were off to the races!!

IMG_8911I of course got paired up with Reta Bray who is amazingly knowledgeable in parrot nutrition and also happens to be the Flight Club Foundation’s own nutrition director. She brought informative handouts with the recipe of “Shauna’s Mash” and also nutritional information of all of the ingredients going into this shmorgishborg of parrot nutrition. I love the fact that people who believe in two different feeding concepts can come together to help educate people on parrot nutrition. As I have always said, I don’t care if you feed your birds chop or mash, all that matters is they are getting a proper balanced and healthy diet.

There were people left and right, even some that could not attend but wanted to drop of food to donate. It was incredibly warm spirited and greatly appreciated!

IMG_8890We washed all of the veggies and laid them out on cloths to dry in the sun. It was such a group effort! People washing, people drying, people setting up, all for a great cause!

Bob Dawson stopped by from Macaw Rescue & Sanctuary to lend a hand and meet some people. He also go to take any of the left over product that didn’t sell, home to the sanctuary birds!

IMG_8910Overall it was a great time, we helped make some money, educated some people who weren’t that familiar with chop or mash. A few of the attendees had only fed their parrots pellets only, because no one had taken the time to help them learn about parrot nutrition.

My favorite story was after I got home, I got a message from one of the attendees who’s Blue and Gold Macaw had never eaten anything healthy before and refused to eat veggies period. She swore that her bird probably wouldn’t even go near the stuff, but it was worth a shot. Her Blue and Gold, now loves veggies and loves “chop”. That is truly what made the day worth it.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Thank you so much for your tremendous support. This event was a lot of fun for everyone and everyone had such fun doing it, that they are additionally asking for a second go-round. We’ll let you know when! In addition to the nutrition advise, we also had three donated items for raffle as well. Between rare parrot coins, food and fun, it was a great win! Thanks again,
    Debbie Goodrich
    President, Flight Club Foundation.

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