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Written By: B.D. Butler - Jul• 05•13
I got A Place To Land here.

I got A Place To Land here.


Since we got rid of cable and stream all of our media, I can search for parrot or parrots and get hundreds of options.  I had heard of this documentary but never got the chance to actually sit down and watch it.  Until now.


Fly Away Films aka Laura DeAngelis and Joe Bohannon are responsible for this short documentary into the world of several behaviorist, rescues and free flyers.  Personally, I love any documentary maker that just sits back and let’s the stories unfold, authentically.   During the journey into A Place To Land, you get a glimpse into a few rescues/sanctuaries across the country.  Including; Phoenix Landing and some of their birds.  From some of the most beautiful to some that have nearly plucked themselves bald.

Behaviorist Liz Wilson comments on plucking behaviors, “they start damaging feathers as a comfort behavior probably, and if that stress that created the behavior isn’t resolved, then the behavior is going to stay in place”.  I will be the first to admit, I am not that familiar with plucking, because my birds do not.  Bella our foster grey, does barber a bit… but I read an article that said you should basically just ignore the behavior.  Liz Wilson also says it will often become a habit because humans will reinforce the behavior by scolding them for plucking or pick them up.  Creating a circle of dysfunctional behavior.  It is amazing how changing a birds environment and changing interactive behaviors will make seem even the smallest thing into a giant step for a bird.


Click here to visit Oasis Sanctuary.

You also get a view into Oasis Sanctuary and a few of their 500+ birds.  A grey names Casey that was kicked like a football by a group of boys, which cause him to lose part of his wing.  Casey loves being outside with other greys, being his charming self and getting a second chance.   Another heartbreaking story is Skippy a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo that was held down and burned with cigarettes by his mentally ill owner.  Because of the pain, Skippy actually shattered his winds completely because he flapped his wings so hard.  A woman rescued him from the owner and nursed himself back to health after a year.  That is when he made his home at Oasis.

best friends

Click here to visit Best Friends.

You also get a visit and look into Best Friends Parrot Garden in Kanab Utah.  Several bloggers and websites have made their way to visit one of the best and largest animal sanctuaries in the nation.  They accept everything from dogs, cats, horses, birds and you name it… they probably have it.  It’s an amazing feeling seeing the staff make these animals sparkle, from just the a tiny bit of attention.



This touching little documentary also talks about free flying birds.  This has been a very controversial topic of conversation and study.  As a result, I will allow you to watch this great documentary and formulate your own opinions.  I know that if you don’t agree with free flying, there are groups and clubs that do indoor flying as an alternative.  After all it’s about making sure your bird is as happy as possible and looking into every option to make that happen.

I would recommend this film, it’s educational, short and sweet.  Click here if you want to purchase a copy or get it on Amazon Prime Instant Video.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Thank you for this post. I am always pleased to see documentaries about parrots, and I haven’t heard of this one. I will take a look!

    Incidentally, have you heard that Allison Argo is working on a feature-length doc about parrots? I can’t wait! I believe she has plans for it to be done in the fall. http://www.argofilms.com/ and http://www.forparrots.com/2012/09/03/argofilms-parrot-documentary/

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