Convergence Zone

Written By: B.D. Butler - Jun• 15•13

DSCN1463Locally here in the Pacific Northwest, there happens to be a phenomenon that is called the convergence zone. Commonly it is when different air flows converge above the Puget Sound, which is the large body of water that leads to the ocean, and causes a narrow band of precipitation.

DSCN1462Yesterday we had a different type of convergence zone. The Roaming Parrot’s Emily and Jessi were in town, to not only gather information on a few local rescues, sanctuaries and bird stores, but also attend the Parrot Earth Roaming Parrot Meet and Greet. Local bird clubs, sanctuary owners, volunteers, non-profit board members were just a few of the people who were invited to our little shin dig! This time of year is a busy season because of fundraisers going on all over the area. Also there happen to be a few attendees who came, and were going on zero sleep trying to coax an escaped Macaw out of some trees.


There were members of the Olympic Bird Fanciers in attendance and Flight Club Foundation board members there. Also Lisa from Inca’s Secret was in attendance. Over all it was a great time to sit and chat about our crazy lives involving our feathered family members.

One of the reasons I love to attend, or now I should add hosting duties to my resume, is you can talk about your love for birds and no one gives you that “look”. You know the look that makes you feel self-conscious and you immediately change the subject because you are now that”crazy bird person”. Yep, you have gotten it a time or two, admit it. Well, when you sit in a room with other bird lovers, they get just as excited and start sharing their stories. It’s a great bonding experience!

roaming.1Emily and Jessi regaled us with tales of driving across country and staying in some interesting spots. Including sleeping in their car in a hotel parking lot, to save money for their beloved trip and project. In my mind, that is devotion!

Part of The Roaming Parrot Meet and Greet Attendees.

Part of The Roaming Parrot Meet and Greet Attendees.

I have to say that these two girls were just absolutely exhausted when they arrived in Seattle and were troopers about the whole thing! I could tell they just really wanted to close the doors and not answer any more questions after a couple of hours and sleep. To be honest who wouldn’t. Changing time zones, while driving across the country in that short amount of time, has to wear on anyone! However their drive and determination have kept their eyes on the prize and their schedule.

This marks the halfway mark on their journey, they have collected some great data along the way, met some great people. Oh and the stories of the rare and beautiful toucans they met on their trip, were delightful!

Gulliver, The Roaming Parrots Mascot.

Gulliver, The Roaming Parrots Mascot.

The Roaming Parrot Project just goes to show, that even though you may have some nay sayers out there that don’t like the idea of change, or think you’re being “too ambitious” or attempting to “reinvent the wheel”, with a little moxie and determination, you can make great things happen. I was inspired when I heard about the idea and wrote an article about it months ago, but seeing it set into motion and progressing, I’ve reached a new level of inspiration and admiration.

Because really, when it comes down to it…

Everything begins with an idea ~ Earl Nightingale

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  1. Great job, great time, great people…… What more is there! Thank you for doing this for them!

  2. Debbie says:

    Great work as always!

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