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I am aware that I dropped the ball on Parrot Earth’s Sponsor a Parrot Programs for the month of May.  Actually, I got busy with a week’s vacation in Maui (no I’m not bragging, well not too much) and other things with Parrot Earth have distracted me from updating the site.  I apologize!  So, to make up for it, I contacted Ms. Vicki’s Parrot Village for a special story and of course a special bird.  Granted, I agree that all birds are special and deserve the best in continuity of care and even you have to admit that some stories need to be told!missvicki

Parrot Earth’s Sponsor a Parrot Program’s bird for May/June is Joey!  

Miss Vicki sent me a picture of Joey, and I immediately fell in love with this little guys spirit and moxy.  You can just tell he has charisma, with a capital “C”.


Photo Courtesy of Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village

Joey is a 25 year-old White-Fronted Amazon who lived in the same home with the same family his entire life.  That’s a rare thing in the avian world, especially when it comes to rehoming birds.  The couple that owned him and several other birds (15) became too ill to care for them all.  Even their diligent home care specialist fed them for a while, but she couldn’t keep up with them all.  At a request of the local vet office, Miss Vicki eventually went for a wellness visit and discovered Joey on the bottom of his cage.  Miss Vicki asked the family if she could take Joey in for a visit to the local avian vet, the family willingly agreed.   According to the vet that had taken care of Joey for years, he had lost 20 grams and she had not seen him since 2008.  

After Miss Vicki’s brought Joey into the vet office, some things in his history began to unfold.  You see, Joey has some unique and conjoined medical issues.  

Firstly a few years ago, little Joey was stepped on.  Because of that he had to have a vertebrae fused.  Due to Joey being first stepped on, then having to get vertebrae fused, it has left Joey with limited flexibility.  This means he cannot get into a good position to poop and therefore has caused a small prolapse.  After extensive research, there is nothing that can be done for poor little Joey.  He will have to live with his prolapse for the rest of his life.  Vicki said they bathe him regularly, and do “wipe” clean ups, because poop sometimes sticks to his feathers, but it is manageable.

Photo Courtesy of Miss Vicki's Parrot Village

Photo Courtesy of Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village

 To add insult to injury, Joey also has a touch of arthritis which, trust me, I understand.  Aging isn’t for wimps.  When I think of what this little guy has been through!  This little guy has been stepped on, broken, fused and now has a prolapse and arthritis.  Sheesh.  What do we do?

 First, start of by visiting Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village’s website. you can donate to Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village here.  I love Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village, because they are so organized and continue to go above and beyond in the avian community!  

Second, Joey needs a home that has the time to pamper him and give him the special care he needs.  If you know someone who might be able to give Joey a home, send them this article.  Joey deserves a home that can shower him with all of the time, love and attention and that he needs.  

I know I would appreciate it, Miss Vicki would appreciate it, but more importantly…

Joey would appreciate it.  

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  1. Brett Schug says:

    Thanks for the nice article.
    Let me add that Joey is a sweet little Amazon. He isn’t very nimble, but will gladly sit with anyone from what I’ve seen. Just a cute, friendly little guy.

  2. Amanda Morgan says:

    I volunteer with Ms Vicki’s village and I have to say that I love Joey. He is so adorable and Vicki rolls him up in a towel after she gives him a warm bath to clean him up. He looks like a birdy-burrito and will fall asleep in his towel. He certainly deserves a loving family. Thank you so much for the great article!

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