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Encourage or promote the development of (something, typically something regarded as good).

We have sat around and thought about taking in a foster for a while now.  We do have the room for something small and god knows there are enough birds in this world that could use a little love and some extra attention.  I however was concerned about the extra work.  Parrot Earth’s associate writer Jennifer Phillips gave me some tips, advice and said that it would not be that much extra work and it would probably calm the boys down a bit.Bella 

Sonya from All Parrot Rescue had been contacting me here and there to see if I was interested in certain birds.  Eventually we decided to go and look at one in particular.  When we arrived, we saw their wild caught bird we had originally gone to see.  He seemed content and the Brewers were working with him enough that he seemed to be making progress in the environment he was in.  I didn’t want to interfere with that.  We were about to leave and Sonya said, “oh, you haven’t met Bella, she’s missing a toe and some toenails but she’s very sweet and independent”.

As soon as I saw her, I thought “how dainty”.  Bella is very small for a grey and very demure.  There is definitely a feminine aire about her and her personality.  She’s very happy to whistle at you and earn some extra attention.

photo (8)Most rescues have a certain number of employees and volunteers.  In that number, they are probably out numbered by several birds.  So, the birds may be in a great and happy environment, but they don’t always get the one on one attention. That’s where the amazing volunteers that come in, just to help clean and play with the birds.  Also, that is where a foster home comes in.  They aren’t there forever, just to help them be as happy and comfortable as possible until they can find a new home.  

Bringing Bella back to our house was one of the easiest things I have ever gone through with an animal.  She was not at all nervous in the car, and chattered about in the travel cage.  We brought her in the house, set up her smaller (compared to Dex and Cooper) cage and she went right in.  Eric (who is a little leery around the birds, since Dexter tried to eat his hand off)held her and not even a nip.  I did notice that Bella does not bite, she puts your finger in her beak and moves it away.  No pinch, no clamp down, nothing.  I am full aware that there is always a “bite” in a bird, but I also think it depends on the person.  Just like humans, you may not “care” for someone with no other reason than “because”.photo (9)   

My mother who lives in Colorado is already interested in Bella, I knew that would be the case.  She is retiring at the end of this month and will have plenty of time and love to give to a bird.  She used to be the Administrator/Director Of Nurses of a long-term care facility and during her time there, she brought in several animals.  A beautiful finch flight in the lobby, miniature horses, rescued Greyhounds as therapy dogs and a Congo African Grey for the residents and guests to enjoy.  She instilled in me the love and respect for animals and I owe my loving and generous heart for the animals of the world to her.  So if everything works out Bella may have a permanent home with her.  Finger crossed.

In the meantime, Bella is fitting right in, making noises, loves to talk when I’m on the phone and steps up on command.  What more could you really ask for?  Like I said, I just had a feeling.

Writer’s Note* After this article was written, Bella was returned back to All Parrot Rescue and then rehomed with a new family.  Three years later she was accidentally  killed by their dogs. *

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  1. ~What a Grand Embrace and a Happy Ending For Bella~

  2. Jennifer Phillips says:

    Bella is a lucky, and beautiful girl. My female Congo, Clarice, was a possible foster….but the minute I met her I knew she would fit in perfectly with my flock. Foster or adoption, the experience is amazing.

    I look forward to lots of stories about Bella – now and from her new home in Colorado.

  3. Michelle says:

    Wow…I just applied with All Parrot Rescue after seeing Bella list there. And now I see her on your blog! Perhaps I have the names/birds mixed up…I’ll have to continue reading to see her story…but if she’s still available, that might be serendipity!

  4. Michelle says:

    Yep…that’s her! At least she’s listed as of August 20.

    Does she have issues with mobility, having lost a toe? If you don’t mind…I have a couple other questions about her.

    I’m looking for a TAG, especially one that isn’t agitated by occasional car travel. Ours is a mostly quiet household, but we do have a couple bird-savvy dogs who will bark from time to time (postman, doorbell, etc). We have a little girl who is with her Mom during the school year, and with us over the holidays/summer; she’s VERY calm around animals and knows how to keep her hands to herself when appropriate.

    Otherwise, we work from home much of the time. I’ve listed all our “creds” and experience in our APR application, submitted late last night, but would love to hear more about her personality from the person who is most familiar with her! Thanks!

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