Leaving a Legacy…(Not Quite Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead)

Written By: B.D. Butler - Mar• 18•13

Have you ever heard of the old saying, “ignorance is bliss”?  Well that is so true in some cases.  Especially with health problems (well in mind my anyways).   See,  I worked in an industry that doesn’t always have benefits for its employees.  In fact, many of my friends that are in the hospitality industry don’t.  You just have to risk it and hope that you won’t get sick.  

I got Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead here.

I got Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead here.

Now that I am getting a bit older and actually have health insurance, it was time after YEARS to head to the dr.  I was not sure what I was going to encounter.  I went in and was automatically told that I needed to lose weight, and had high blood pressure.  When the hell did I get my parents age? They did the standard tests and I got to sit and wait.  Wait I did, I think the agony is the actual “not knowing” part.  As a precaution before I went home to await my results, I was put on high blood pressure medication.  For those of you that have ever been put on blood pressure medication, you know it pretty much takes the wind out of your sails.  After three days on it, I decided at being in my mid-thirties and feeling like absolute crap was out of the question.  It was time to make a change.

My best friend turned me on to a movie called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  It was a game changer.

An Australian, called Joe Cross, comes to america to do a juice fast for sixty days, to “reprogram” and “reboot” his body.  Drinking nothing but a micro-biotic diet.  You can only imagine what was going on in my head while I was watching it.  You see I come from farm country, the land of meat and potatoes.  I despised vegetables.  It wasn’t a flavor thing, it was more of a cooked vegetable consistency thing.  I didn’t have a problem with raw veggies, I just liked things a little sweeter.  I did however get into the story of the people that he met along the way and tried it.  Some of course went a little further into the juicing and needed more extreme measures taken with physician supervision and others just added juicing to their lives for pure and simple nutrients.  You just have got to watch the movie!  I also recommend talking to your physician before thinking about any sort of “fasting” program.   
After watching this amazing documentary I made the conscious choice that I was going to make some positive changes in my health and in my life as whole.

A few of my Juicing Items.

A few of my Juicing Items.

I have never been the person to sit back and deal with the hand that I have been dealt.  My mother always said I was a bit of a “go getter”.  So I ordered a juicer and began my journey.  I juice during morning and lunch times, with sensible snacks in between.  I then have a healthy dinner.

My Breakfast Juice (orange, pineapple and strawberry) The Green Machine (kale, ginger root, celery, cucumber, apple, carrots to name a few)

My Breakfast Juice (orange, pineapple and strawberry – of which the birds get in VERY small doses due to sugar)
The Green Machine (kale, ginger root, celery, cucumber, apple, carrots to name a few)


You are probably reading this and thinking, your posting this on Parrot Earth and what the hell does your juicing have to do with parrots.  Well, just keep your undies on, I’m getting to that.
I immediately noticed a change, in my mood(so did my husband), my skin, my body felt so much more in tune.  My arthritis didn’t seem to be as severe I realized that only after four days, I felt better than I had in years.   So I continued, my kale, celery, ginger root, apple, cucumber (occasionally a beet, but it does make the drink look like something from the HBO show True Blood) lunch juice, I then realized that everything I was making also goes into my chop/mash for my birds.
Hmmm, was I on to something?
I then began taking some of the pulp from my juicer and sprinkling it over the top of the chop/mash that I already had in the fridge and the birds went goo goo for it!  It’s just a “freshener” alternative, if you will, to what I had already been feeding them and since I was making it anyways.  And why not?
I wanted to take it one step further, I wondered, what other things I could do with the left over pulp.  It was just as healthy as the juice and what’s the saying, “waste not, want not”? I had an idea for crackers!
photo (3)So I grabbed my handy Rachel Ray (no this isn’t a shameful plug) Food Processor and got to work.  I added Flax-Seed Meal to help bond the pulp together, grabbed a silicone baking sheet and hit the road running.photo (2) I wanted to  make sure I had everything down to small pieces, adding the flax-seed with a bit of water.  Don’t add too much water or they wont  dry.  
photo (1)Score them (cut them) before you put them in the oven for 30 minutes at 400 degrees, pull them out and use a spatula to flip them over.  When you have done that, decrease your oven temp to 250.  Check on them every fifteen minutes and pull them out when they are the consistency that you want.  I have found that Dexter likes the bread(ish) ones, and Cooper and Bella (our foster bird) seem to like the flaky cracker variety.  Either or, it’s a great way to give your birds a healthy treat, of something you would most likely just throw away anyways.  
Legacy Crackers.

Legacy Crackers.

Some of you out there may be reading this and saying that I could never go on a juice diet.  I didn’t think that I would be able to make a difference in my life by changing my diet and reprogramming my body but I did.  I also don’t view it as a diet perse, I view it as a lifestyle boost.  I figure if drinking juice a couple of times a day is going to make me feel good, get me back into an exercise program, increase my mental clarity and mood.  Then you bet your sweet patootie I’m going to do it.  As of this am, my blood pressure is significantly lower (no mor Rx), I have lost 16lbs and am on the road to getting my body back under control. Not only so I can live to see my future children grow up, but so  I can continue my journey into aviculture, with a healthy mind, body and spirit.  

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  1. Debbie says:

    I want your crackers! How much?? I should do the juicing thing. I’m needing an uplifiting boost. Nice article as always!

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