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When choosing Parrot Earth’s Sponsor A Parrot Program’s bird for the month of March I had a feeling that something or someone would point me in the right direction.  Viki Bullock of the Parrot Troopers did just that.

missvickiMiss Vicki’s Parrot Village is located fifteen minutes south of Atlanta GA.  They rescue, rehabilitate and offer sanctuary to many birds in need.  Upon doing my research on this rescue, I fell in love with their organization skills and their detailed website.

Photo courtesy of Miss Vicki's Parrot Village

Photo courtesy of Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village

At Miss Vicki’s Parrot village there happens to live a Triton Cockatoo named Caesar.

Some is known about Caesar and his past.   He was sold to a gentleman, we’ll call him John, at a bird fair in a cage that was so small he could not turn around in.  You see John did not purchase Caesar for himself, but instead he got Caesar for his in-laws who had absolutely no bird experience.  I can’t imagine not knowing anything about birds and in walks someone with a parrot.  I am of the opinion you should never buy an animal for anyone else, because you never know who that animal is going to bond with.  I like to see the animal choose it’s person.

Photo courtesy of Miss Vicki's Birdie Haven

Photo courtesy of Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village

Unfortunately because John’s in-laws knew nothing about parrots, they were not very pleased when this exotic beautiful feathered animal came into their house and began making all of this noise.  Certainly not the same behavior as the Triton Cockatoo on Beretta they had seen on TV.

So, a call was made and John had to come and reclaim his “gift”.  Because it had been a little time, the bird fair was over, there was no finding the man who John had purchased Caesar from.  John then decided to just put Caesar on Craigslist and sell him.  Thankfully John’s neighbor found out that he was going to do this and hopped in before he could place the ad.  The neighbor, who we will call Sue, knew what would happen to this poor bird out in the world of Craigslist.  Now I am not saying that Craigslist is bad, quite the opposite, but there are bird flippers etc. who will purchase a bird for a decent price, then turn around and resell them for a higher “rehoming fee”.  Sue begged and pleaded for John to give her Caesar, so she could make a fresh start in a loving home for him.  John finally agreed.

Photo courtesy of Miss Vicki's Parrot Village

Photo courtesy of Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village

Sue took Caesar home, got him a huge cage, toys and made Caesar a member of the family.  Or so she thought.  Caesar had been notorious for his screaming fits and even a good home was not going to correct him of this behavior.  Granted birds can be loud and Sue knew this, it wasn’t until he began attacking members of her family that Sue really got concerned.

Sue contacted Miss Vicki and they worked with Caesar for 4-5 months he was doing better, however when you have a bird that has behavioral issues, the entire family needs to be on board.  So after painful deliberation Sue’s family decided to let him go live at Miss Vicki’s.  That was in May of 2012.

Photo courtesy of Miss Vicki's Parrot Village

Photo courtesy of Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village

Since then Caesar still has his screaming fits, “He has his good days and his bad days, his screaming triggers are entirely different from any other screaming bird I have ever dealt with”, Miss Vicki said.  Miss Vicki has been tempted to take Caesar to a sanctuary but “there is a little voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me to look for the cause because it is something that can be fixed”.  She also added, “We just need to figure out the puzzle he is presenting to us. He is extremely lovable, gets jealous very easily, and has some abandonment issues”.

Photo courtesy of Miss Vicki's Bidie Haven

Photo courtesy of Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village

Since being at Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village, they happen to get a good read on his leg band.  It seems the story that John received from the man who owned Caesar was, he was only 2.  However it is now known that he is not 2 but 20 and had a very long life before John ever bought him at a bird fair.  It probably will never be known what has happened to Caesar in his life and all of his trials and tribulations.  It is only known now that Caesar is now in need of love, care and a home who will be patient with him.  It is going to be a long haul showing him he’s worth it and doesn’t have to be afraid of being tossed away, but I think for the person that makes that commitment, it will be so worth it.

I commend Miss Vicki listening to her intuition and wanting to find Caesar a good home that understands him.

If you would like to make a donation to Caesar or Miss Vicki’s Parrot Village, click here.

If you would like to send something that makes Caesar happy, well Miss Vicki said that you can send toys and in particular his favorite are anything wooden.

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  1. Valerie says:

    What a beautiful boy! It sounds as though he is in good hands now and I hope the screaming “mystery” is solved. I an the guardian of a 15 year old Umbrella cockatoo that has had two homes before I adopted him. Lots of love and patience have been the key for our family…that and a good set of ear plugs early on that we no longer need. 🙂

  2. Brett says:

    Thank you for the nice article. Vicki has an amazing ability to connect with parrots of all types and nurture them back to being happy and healthy. It’s nice to see her receiving recognition for her hard work, even though she is very modest herself.

  3. If you ever get the opportunity to visit Miss Vicki’s, you must go…… What an awesome place, awesome people, and of course….ALL the birds are simply magnificent!!!!!

  4. Hannah says:

    Miss Vicky thank its Hannah and thank you soo much for correcting him and finding a good home. When we had him as you know he would always scream and it would make daddy so mad and mom so stressed out then he would bite all of us so thank you for getting him a good h

  5. Hannah Bowman says:

    Hi I’m the daughter of “sue”. Thank you so much for writing this article about my baby! I think it’s so important to get the message out there about treating parrots, and birds in general with love and respect. My family’s experience with Caesar broke our hearts and we honestly miss him to this day. I honestly plan to try get him back when I get my exotic vet license, because just like Mrs. Vicky I truly believe his problems are fixable and I would love nothing more than to give him a forever home with someone he knows and loves.

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