Downton Parrots

Written By: B.D. Butler - Feb• 25•13

321007_522825921070885_863207662_nI don’t know if you are a fan of the show Downton Abbey or not.  Me, I am a huge fan and was immediately captivated by the story lines, characters and the overall “politeness” of some of the more scandalous characters.  I thought about describing them as “villains” or my new favorite adjective for someone who is mean or hateful is “viper”.  However in this particular show, story-lines take these “viper” characters and show us the other side of their motives.obrien.thomas  Their reasons for insecurity or hatefulness.    They do have their moments of being endearing and heartfelt.  Sometimes even selfless.  Hey even J.R. Ewing had his tender moments.

The whole scenario of this show is to show the Earl of Grantham and his family.  The rise and fall throughout the years and generations of the Crawley clan while watching like a fly on the wall.  The other great premise of this show is you also get to see what happens in the servants lives while they work at the Abbey.  There are episodes that would make the anyone cry and others that bring a whole-hearted full body laugh to your soul.  There is just a “messa sumpin” in  this show and it has taken over the globe. ( Now available on DVD.)

So why is he writing about Downton Abbey and where is the correlation with the parrot world?  There are some similar ideas and parallels.  No really.

In this riveting show there are various characters that describe every personality type there.  There are the older and wiser characters that aren’t really open to the “new” ways of the world.  The progressive players that want to change their circumstance and reinvent roles and situations.  There are even the diabolical vipers that like to manipulate the people in their universe, just for sport.  Key players mixed with a supporting cast can make for some great tv.

Since beginning Parrot Earth almost two years ago, I have been told that it is a site for beginning bird owners and that I am “new” to the industry.  There is somewhat of a truth to that.   Parrot Earth is on the newer side of the spectrum, in bird sites and is an evolving documentation of my journey into, not only owning parrots, but re-homing two older birds.  It’s all about me in discovering the ways to ensure my birds have a great quality of life and my journey into discovery.  I have been a bird owner for twenty something years and things are totally opposite from when I got my first parakeet.  The site and information in evolving, just like my views and opinions. But I digress.

Downton Abbey collage Shirley MacLaineWhilst on my journey of discovery into the bird world, I learned that there are MANY positive forces in the realm.  Many people who work thanklessly to make a difference and have no other motive than to do some good for parrots of the world.  Then there are the people who must make their opinions known.  They tear others to shreds, regardless of the cost.  I have seen some people who I respect in the bird community come under fire  for some of the oddest things.  Trying to make a difference in parrot nutrition.  “How dare they?”.  Take a road trip across country and tour some facilities so they can journal and document.  Maybe possibly bringing a philosophy or way of doing something to another facility that helps it run more efficiently.  Despicable. *(enter sarcasm here)*  I didn’t get the memo on the world of aviculture turning into competition on who’s right, who’s wrong and who is the all-knowing authority.

Granted I do see the flip side of the coin.  The intentions of people are not always good and I myself have gotten burned by trusting people.  In fact there have been people who I looked up to, that have disappointed me.  I also learned that all people aren’t bad.  But isn’t that life?  Learning that joys and disappointments happen.  Being in a niche group of people is no guarantee that those initial bonds that we made in the beginning phases of knowing someone will endure.  Just because you have something in common with a person, does not mean you will become life long friends.  That being said, it does not give you the right to play manipulative “marionette” games for sport.  Words hurt.  I would think that “we” being in this specialty diverse niche group could at least be kind to one another.  Not bashing and playing “who’s king of the mountain (internet)”.

“Internet bullying is now an epidemic and regardless of whether or not you think you aren’t an internet bully, if you have written something with the intention of hurting someone’s feelings or blatant disregard for their reaction from what you have written  , you are indeed guilty of internet bullying.”

How many times have you been called a “crazy bird person” or looked down upon because you have chosen to share your lives with feathered companions?  I know I have lost a few friends that thought I went off the deep end.  I figure they weren’t my friends to begin with and had to move on.Downton-Abbey-downton-abbey-23439226-1600-900

“So what is your point”, you may be asking yourself.

In the universe of Downton Abbey, there are arguments but there is always an underlying politeness.  You may have “fallen out” with someone but that also does not mean that you are going to hop online and bash them up one side of the globe and down the other.  There is a time and a way to handle everything.  Tactfully.  There are ways of expressing your opinions without it getting ugly and making yourself into a spectacle.  Most of the time, a hateful comment that someone would post on Facebook or Twitter is NOT what that person would say to the very person’s face they are insulting.  So why do it in the first place?  Just stop.  Letting ego’s take over is truly taking away from the goal in mind.  Quality of life for our birds.  Quality of life for birds in rescues.  Quality of life for birds who deserve a new home that makes them feel like the most important thing in the universe.  Quality of life so they may have a healthy productive and happy existence.  I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

I challenge you to open your mind, your ears and your heart.  You never know who just might teach you something.

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  1. Charlotte Carlile says:

    And isn’t it a huge slap in the face when you post something you are proud of and love with only the utmost respect, and someone tears it apart for no apparent reason? You feed your bird CORN? For shame. There is no such thing is full spectrum UV lighting…….really? Why would you alter your birds food by warming it in the microwave….huh? Please. Unless I am putting my bird in harm’s way…..please just go hug a tree :)……..nice blog and a nice analogy. I MUST buy those DVDs. I want to start from the beginning. Thanks for another good blog post. I read with relish.

    • B.D. Butler says:

      Charlotte! From the moment I got to know you, I loved your thirst for knowledge. You have been open and curious about so many topics, because you just wanted to give Captain Jack a good quality of life. You have done your research and are doing a great job. There is no one right way to raise parrots. It’s what works for each bird in each household and depends on each circumstance. Raising parrots one way is like saying they are all the same. As far as I know, parrots have their own personalities and can’t be put into a nice category in a book on a shelf. It’s a matter of finding what works for you and having a positive support system that helps you when you need to figure it out.

      • Charlotte says:

        Dillon….you know that I love my wee pirate. Capt’n Jack has become my companion and a love. I always worry that I’m not doing the ‘right’ things. It’s bad enough that he has taken over 1/4 of my condo, and almost my entire freezer and has almost put me in the ‘po house’….but I wouldnt’have it any other way. I don’t think of it so much as how his quality of life has improved as how much MY quality of life has improved. We aren’t perfect….he can still bite and nip and I can still cry….but all in all, we do ok. Thank you so much for helping me and giving me good advice. I have learned a lot and learn more each day. Capt’n Jack and I appreciate it.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Great post, Dillon! There are some wonderful people in the Parrot World – intelligent, kind, and generous with their knowledge and their time. Unfortunately, there are negative people in every industry. Blogs like Parrot Earth help the “newbies” in a positive way. Bravo!

  3. Another perfect example of a great author and heartfelt read. We too are new to this adventure. And have seen and been apart of this reckless scene, but hopefully we all can read this and see some of us in the mirror of the words written. Leave the world a better place then how we found it.”

  4. Charlotte Carlile says:

    Read this again with new insight. I bought all 3 seasons of Downton Abby and spend some joyful hours watching. I can’t wait for the next season.
    Charlotte and the Capt’n

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