“Chats” with Viki Bullock from Parrot Troopers

Written By: B.D. Butler - Feb• 11•13

parrottrooperI have gotten a few requests lately for more “chats” segments.  I think it’s a great premise, because it gives readers a legitimate look into other “bird people’s” lives.  I thought after I did an a little article about The Parrot Troopers and how they helped All Parrot Rescue.  In case you weren’t aware of parrot troopers, they are an organization that helps rescues across the country.  They have helped raise money, awareness and smiles on parrots beaks (figuratively speaking of course) for many rescues.  So, I contacted Viki Bullock to be a part of the latest “chats” segment and she happily agreed to take a little time to answer some questions and let us know a little about herself. 

What made you come up with the concept of Parrot Troopers?

Parrot Troopers was created due to “Donor Burn” which included burn from a local rescue, that would take donated toys from the public and place them on their sale racks.basket for parrot troopers

Explain the concept and goal of parrot troopers. 

Parrot Troopers is the coming together of the Avian Community. We are people who appreciate and support Rescues and Sanctuaries that provide and give up so much of their life to insure the birds in their care are provided for. Each month we raffle off an avian themed raffle package valued between $150-$200. Raffle tickets are purchased for an opportunity to win the prize. With the total monies collected we pay for the monthly prize and/or shipping and the proceeds left over are used to purchase toys ( Toy Drops) for the highlighted organization of the month. There is total transparency with invoices posted for all to see. The organization that receives the toys is required to post photos of the toys with the birds so the Troopers can see their raffle money being used to make birds happy. Our Toy Drops help that organization, even if only for a month, be able to allocate that months toy budget to other important things. Even if you don’t win the big monthly prize, the birds still win and for many of us, that’s the important part.

VikibirdWhen did you realize your love for parrots?

When I walked into a parrot only store 20+ years ago.

When did you get involved in the avian community?

I responded to a Craigslist ad in July 2008 for someone looking to start an Ohio Bird Club. Central Ohio Friends of A Feather was born and we quickly became the largest parrot related group on Meet-Up and still are to this day.

What was your first bird?

The first bird I purchased myself was a Cherry Headed Conure named Harry.

How many birds do you have now?

I have a total of 9, 4 Cockatiels, 2 African Greys, 2 Goffin’s Cockatoo’s and 1 Blue Front Amazon. All are second-hand parrots.

What is one tip that you could give to a new bird owner?pebblesme

Know your bird. It’s important to catch any signs of ailment as early as possible.

What kinds of education do you feel is important for bird owners?

Please go volunteer at a local parrot rescue preferably many times. You need a good idea of the noise, mess and time needed that can come with a parrot. Knowing and insuring the Health and wellness for your species. Educate yourself on what to look for and monitor your birds weight and waste for any abnormalities. 

What areas do you think the world of aviculture should focus on?

bhtoysaRegulating breeding for prevention of extinction only. The world doesn’t need people who breed for the almighty dollar and the overcrowded rescues and sanctuaries with waiting lists proves that. All rescues and sanctuaries should be regulated or accredited and be subjected to regular inspections for the well-being of the birds in their care. In the meantime, breeders should be required to have their birds tested for Psittacosis and Borna Virus, including their breeder birds, prior to the selling of babies or their breeders.

Where do you think the future of aviculture is headed?

Honestly and with the amount of Borna Virus and PDD I’ve seen in the last 3 years, I see the time frame of long-term parrot ownership decreasing exponentially due to stronger more virulent strains of serious disease overcoming the parrot population. 

Who, in the world of aviculture, do you look to for inspiration?bluehand 

There is not one omniscient person I look up to. We all learn from each other and the birds on a daily basis and will still never know it all.


As most of us that have websites, blogs, and any other form of web information service.  It doesn’t take a million dollars from one person to make a difference (of course that would be nice).  Sometimes it just takes a little from a lot of people to make a difference.  “It takes a village”

If you would like to join Parrot Troopers or just to get more information, please click here.


Special thanks to Viki Bullock for being a part of “Chats”.

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  1. Viki Bullock is a great gal who has started something really wonderful for the parrot rescues! Her example of work could be used in many walks in today’s world. She’s doing a very selfless act, and there aren’t a lof of folks out there who would give so much of their time to do this these days. She deserves a medal! Great article!

  2. Lara Joseph says:

    The avian community is lucky to have Viki. She is very passionate about the welfare of parrots.

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