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Photo courtesy of A Parrot’s Perch


In the search for this month’s bird, I was sent to A Parrot’s Perch from one of the admin’s at Parrot Troopers, Hunter.   I love it when people will suggest a rescue that I haven’t heard of.  Not only can I help bring awareness to a rescue but we can have the opportunity to spoil a bird in the process and maybe help them find a new home.

February’s Parrot Earth Sponsor a Parrot Program’s bird of the month is “Whiskey”.  

Whiskey is an 11-year-old Blue and Gold Macaw that currently resides at the A Parrot’s Perch in Springfield Missouri.  Whiskey, until very recently, lived with a woman who surrendered her due to inability to physically care for her.  She was purchased from a breeder and has had only one home.  This is a rare case with a high percentage of rescue birds.  I can only imagine how hard it is to give up a bird that you love so much due to not being able to physically meet their needs.  I’m sure it took a great deal of strength and courage for Whiskey’s former owner, to do what was best for her long time companion.  

The average range for a healthy weight on a Blue and Gold Macaw is 900 – 1200 grams.  Whiskey came in at 700. Her previous owner had no idea what her weight was supposed to be , nor was she aware that she was severely underweight.  


Photo courtesy of A Parrot’s Perch

 Upon arriving at Parrot’s Perch, Whiskey was taken to their local avian veterinarian.  They were only able to do a certain number of labs on the poor girl.  She is so terribly emaciated they are going to have to wait until she gains a little more weight to be able to even draw blood.  The labs that they could run, revealed that she has multiple yeast and bacterial infections.  Whiskey is now on a series of medications to help clear up these conditions.

Click here for proper cage for a macaw.

Click here for proper cage for a macaw.

Whiskey was kept in a 24″x 24″ cage, which by most standards is very small for a Macaw and more ideal for a small to medium size bird.  She didn’t have a lot of toys and apparently the ones that she did have were a bit disheveled and old.   Since her arrival a week and a half ago, she has made the transition to a Silverado Macaw cage, which is like going from a studio apartment to a high-rise loft penthouse.  “New toys were placed in her cage and she is not quite sure what to do with them.  It’s going to take her awhile to transition into her new cage and learn to play again.

As you can see she is a “plucker” and has very few feathers on her chest.  This is probably a combination of nutrition and just plain boredom.  

Stephanie at A.P.P. said that she is a very  sweet and lovable bird and has a hearty appetite and will eat just about anything that you give her.  When Whiskey arrived her beak was extremely overgrown.  The vet was only able to take off about an inch or so, because he didn’t want to traumatize her with too much change and stimulation right away.  

Whiskey definitely prefers women but with a little love and patience I am sure whether they be male or female, she will make a great companion for the right qualified person and the right home.  

In the meantime, Whiskey is going to require some extra love, attention and medical care.  She needs new toys.  As we know parrots go through toys like nobody’s business.  Maybe you don’t have the time to go out and buy something to send to Whiskey.  There are ways to donate, from the comfort of your chair (Click HERE). There are quite a few donation options…so, what are you waiting for?


Photo courtesy of A Parrot’s Perch

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  1. khawlah says:

    I live in saydi arabia
    And i rescued a blue and gold macaw
    He is so under weight
    He is only 680 g
    He have vitamin b complex loss
    And lot of other vitamins too
    I read about his situation untill i figureout he have zinc poisoning
    He used to live in a zinc cage before i rescue him
    The medicin is calcium edta injection
    And we dont have it in saudi arabia
    So i ysed activated charcoal
    Don’t know if it works
    A nes feathers in the head are growing
    And his head shaking almost stop
    But i really need help
    Why isnt he gaining weight?
    I feed him alot
    I give harrison formulla too
    Andl lot of fruits and vegitables
    And also mixed seeds
    I dewormed him
    And i give salmonella bills
    Plz help me
    I really dont know what to do!

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