Ozzy and Sharon

Written By: B.D. Butler - Dec• 30•12

Ozzy and Sharon

Ozzy and Sharon
Photo Courtesy of Parrots First

Have you heard of Ozzy and Sharon?  No, not that Ozzy and Sharon, this happens to be a Calico Hybrid Macaw named Ozzy and his mate who happens to be a Blue and Gold Macaw named Sharon.   I know I heard Ozzy Osbourne bellowing “Sharonnnnnnnn” in the back of my mind too.

I received several nominations for the Sponsor A Parrot Program that I began last month, and my heart skipped a beat for this story.  It reminds me that chivalry is not dead in the animal kingdom and no matter what the obstacles love can truly transcend all situations, boundaries and species for that matter.  

I received a heads up on this story from Jennifer Phillips one of Parrot Earth’s associate writers.  When I got in contact with Parrots First, Rose gave me all of the information they had one this duo.  


Ozzy and Sharon
Photo courtesy of Parrots First

The pair was owned by a woman, and then after she passed away were shuffled around to other family members.  Eventually the pair of Macaws were sent to a veterinarian for care and asked if the veterinarian could find them a sanctuary or rescue.  

Enter Parrots First.  Parrots First is a rescue that is a member of the Avian Welfare Coalition and stands by their principalities and goals.  Rose and Frank Levine (and let’s not forget their boards of directors and countless volunteers) have been helping birds in need of re-homing since 1996.  They like so many of other people in this world are there to help birds find loving and quality homes.  


Sharon on top of her cage.
Photo courtesy of Parrots First

Because of Sharon’s lack of mobility due to arthritis and the injury that she undoubtedly received when she was caught in the wild (they often will cripple a bird caught so it cannot fly away).  She is considered overweight and is given a very strict diet.  So far with the monitoring of this diet, Sharon’s weight seems to be under control.  She manages to get around with only five toes and the help of her beak, because of being attacked by other birds during her unknown number of years.  Sharon’s beak has to be trimmed back so that she can eat and function as normally as possible.  She does the best she can, with what she has.

ParrotsFirstNewLogoWhen asked Rose from Parrots First responded what Sharon might need/want “Sharon needs towels on the top of her cage for comfort and is addicted to the cardboard toys known as Birdie Bagels. We are at present trying to raise funds to buy her a stainless steel cage so that when she rubs her beak it would be less abrasive. Sharon is a happy bird that enjoys humming along when we sing to her and talking to the other birds. She also has her Ozzy for protection and comfort.”


Photo Courtesy of Parrots First

This story just touches my heart, and makes me want to do everything that I can possibly do for not only Sharon to improve her life, but something for the devotion of her mate Ozzy.

If you would like to donate to our Sponsor A Parrot(s)Program “Ozzy and Sharon”) with a toy or two, maybe a soft towel or even a donation to her stainless cage fund click here for Parrot First Website.

OR…  Feel free to contact them directly for donations or any questions.

Parrots First
P.O. Box 66223
Los Angeles, CA 90066
(866) 248-7670 Ext. 5937

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