Parrot Earth’s “Sponsor a Parrot Program”

Written By: B.D. Butler - Dec• 18•12

Macaw Rescue 048TMDuring the holidays everyone tries to be a little kinder, a little gentler and be a bit more generous.  You will occasionally see someone hold the door open for a stranger or toss some extra change into a bucket.  Volunteering at local shelters goes up and advertisements for food drives can be seen in dozens of publications and in many different arenas.  It’s a shame that this feeling of joy and good will towards men can’t be felt all year-long among the masses.  I will admit that I am a bit cynical towards our society at times and I wish that we were all a little nicer to one another all year round. 

That feeling got me thinking, how can I take the “good will” feeling and apply it to parrots?  How can I take this “good will” towards parrots and keep it going all year-long?

sponsor a parrot

Click HERE to make a donation for the  Sponsor A Parrot Program

In the bird community there are a lot of “good will” people out there and it’s inspiring to say the least.They go above and beyond, educating others on their philosophies, donating materials and time for fundraisers.  They travel to expos and speak about their specific niche, hoping that it will make a difference.  To you who thanklessly attempt to help the aviculture community, I personally thank you for all that you do.

Since Parrot Earth’s launch I have wanted to do something that gave back and helped.  I thought long and hard about what would work, what I thought that I could be behind one hundred percent and would make a difference.  

So I decided to begin the Parrot Earth Sponsor A Parrot Program.This is how it works.  A reader can nominate a parrot, (nominations in by the 25th of the month) in a rescue or foster home, that may need that extra attention or something special to ensure its quality of life is above par.  We will choose one entry, and that bird will be the Parrot Earth’s sponsored bird for the following month.  Easy enough right? 

I believe this will help keep the “good will” giving throughout the year, instead of making it just seasonal.  Rescues often live off of donations and they usually will only cover bare expenses.  The Parrot Earth Sponsor a Parrot Program can help the rescue or foster home spoil a bird for a month, that may have never gotten the attention it so rightfully deserves.

I got my photo for Macaw Rescue & Sanctuary here.

I got my photo for Macaw Rescue & Sanctuary here.

The bird may require special medical treatment or physical therapy and the rescue may not be able to afford it.  Or a donation of a toy for a plucking bird that began plucking because it was stuck in a cage, locked in a back bedroom and never given attention.  So clean out your car for extra change, clean out your purse or messenger bag and give what ever you can.   These creatures are in need and so deserving of your help.

An Update on Kaeol * April 2013*
Kaelo recently passed away at All Parrot Rescue. During his stay at APR he exibited various signs of emotional trouble. He insisted on taking out his agressions and hostilities upon himself. Kaelo died of a self inflicted wound sustained overnight. We are glad he got some spoiling and love the last few months of his life. Flight be with you Kaelo, love and light.

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