It’s An Exciting Time To Own A Parrot

Written By: B.D. Butler - Nov• 19•12

The first parrot book I ever bought when I was twelve because I always dreamed of owning an African Grey.

Thinking back to a few decades ago, before the internet, when owning a bird was nowhere near a common thing and sometimes meeting fellow bird people was a hard thing to do.  If you were like me, and grew up on a farm, you would really relate to that part.  It wasn’t until we moved from a town of 2,279 to 107,577 we found a pet store that had parrots, parrot toys, parrot cages basically everything parrot.  
Let’s just say I was in heaven.

I got my pic for Pet Paradise here.

I hung out at Pet Paradise every chance I got, and would just marvel at the parrots and the Koi pond which their macaws hovered above. There were so many books, and magazines available to me, I would sit in the aisle and read.  In fact there are some books, that I am sure I read twice. The staff was kind enough to let me soak up all the bird  literature I could get my hands on, and answer all of my questions, without treating me like a pest or loiterer.  Being a kid that had a rough transition moving to a new city, and who got bullied in school for the first few years in middle/ high school, I looked forward to  the birds, the calming affect of their water features, and the ability to be around the animals that mesmerized me.  It became my place of solace.

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It’s such an intriguing time in the world, information at your finger tips, and the social constructs are now endless.  You can get in touch with people in specific niche groups with just the click of your mouse, and bridges are constantly being made between people regardless of where you are in the world.  I believe this alone is helping to improve the quality of life of companion parrots around the globe.

Nutrition has become a priority to bird owners.  Fresh fruits and vegetables in mash/chop formulas have their own sites and have become a priority among Facebook forum groups.  Blogs are sharing their recipes, new and old parrot owners are discovering that seeds only diets are out, and a balanced combination of healthy fruits, vegetables, pellets, and nuts are in.

Basic care when you bring your first bird home is no longer an enigma, and you don’t have to be afraid that you will make a mistake or figure it out on your own.  It’s all there, Bing it, Google it, Yahoooooo-a-hooooo, and you can get the answers.  If you have found a legitimate website, that has accurate information, the possibilities are endless.  You can take a deep breath, and realize that with a combination of research and doing the work, you and your companion bird can have a very happy life together.  All of this information can come into your home via computer or delivered to your doorstep with the help of internet sites.

Bird owners are getting rid of their non-stick coated cooking items, birds are getting great cages, and ideas for arranging their toys.  Parrots are getting trained with positive reinforcement training, and taking leaps and bounds in behavior. Cleaning products are getting replaced with environmentally bird safe alternatives.  Plug ins are getting replaced with natural alternative air scents.  Hundreds of parrots are getting re-homed instead of remaining in the spare room of Aunt Bea’s house for eternity.  Rescues are popping up around the country/globe, and are helping make a difference.  There are Amber Alerts for your parrot online if it makes an escape.  We’ve come a long way baby.

This is how we used to get our information kids, before the internet.  People would tell us.  🙂

It’s an exciting time to own a parrot.  It’s networks of fellow parrot owners, sharing their experiences, recipes,  and tricks of the trade that are making our flocks better, happier and healthier. You may call it technology.

I call it Parrot Earth.

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  1. Sandysandals says:

    ….and thank God for people like me who don’t have a clue. Well, who DIDN’T have a clue, thanks to Google and Florida Parrot Rescue and Birdtricks dot com and Parrot Earth and many others for all the information available to me.

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