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Cooper 2.0

I got a message on Facebook from a Parrot Earth reader named Jay. Jay wrote the following: Greetings! I have been reading your blog for some time now. I discovered it not too long after I adopted my Congo African Grey named Charlie. Charlie is about twelve years of age and I got him from […]

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Nebraska Parrot RESCUE 911

    This morning I sat down with my cup of coffee, and there was a message in my Parrot Earth mailbox from a former co-worker’s sister. She told me she works with, Nebraska Parrot Rescue, which is located in Bellevue Nebraska which is south of Omaha. In this message she said there was a […]

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The Parrot Troopers!

  A few weeks back I did a “Chats” article with All Parrot Rescue because I believe that their hard work needed to be acknowledged.  I like when people decide that they want to do something, and they follow their guts, and make it happen.  It’s the classic “Rudy” story. (if you haven’t seen Rudy, rent it, but […]

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