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Written By: B.D. Butler - Oct• 12•12

Photo courtesy of : Nebraska Parrot Rescue


I recently did an article about a rescue in Nebraska driving all the way to Grand Junction Colorado to pick up a large portion of birds being surrendered by a 66-year-old woman.  The woman originally started out as a shelter/rescue and had the best of intentions, but eventually took too many birds in, and couldn’t handle all of the upkeep and maintenance alone.   This is not an uncommon thing to happen, and I applaud the woman and her children for taking steps into making sure this was handled at the lowest level, and before the conditions got any worse.  The first step is realizing there is a problem

 I also would like it noted *this was all done voluntary, and NO law enforcement or humane society was involved*


Photo Courtesy of: Nebraska Parrot Rescue


After the article I asked that Roberta keep in touch after the long journey.  Trust me, it’s not just a hop skip and a jump from Nebraska to the other side of Colorado.  It’s a long drive(leaving Bellevue at 2:30 am and arriving at 3 pm that afternoon), and when you have to rent a van to transport ($487.16), add a hotel bill($116.12), and let’s not forget gas ($825.68) to get these guys back to a safe and healthy place.  All of this money came out of Roberta’s own pocket.


Photo Courtesy of: Nebraska Parrot Rescue


Total there were a little over one hundred birds surrendered to Nebraska Parrot Rescue, and a couple other organizations.  NPR brought home  “19 Cockatiels, 17 conures, 12 Amazons 2 macaws, and 11 cockatoos and 3 greys 3 parakeets”.  

Photo courtesy of: Nebraska Parrot Rescue


Hopefully with help, these birds can find new loving and forever homes.  


Photos courtesy of: Nebraska Parrot Rescue


Photo courtesy of: Nebraska Parrot Rescue


Nebraska Parrot Rescue has started an auction page on Facebook, it’s a public page, so feel free to join.  

You can make a direct PayPal donation (which is tax deductible)

I made one this morning!!

step one: log in/sign up with

step two: click “send” money

step three: enter 4023509923 in the “TO” section

step four: enter the amount $$

step five: click on “Personal”, then click “gift”, and continue.

Five easy steps to helping these birds start their new lives.


Photo courtesy of:Nebraska Parrot Rescue


A contribution can be made directly to their avian veterinarians for vet expenses Please make sure you reference the Nebraska Parrot Rescue by name:

Best Care Pet Hospital
3030 L Street
Omaha, NE 68107

Photo Courtesy of: Nebraska Parrot Rescue

You can also find their wish list, and answers for questions you might have here.
Mailing items works as well…
Nebraska Parrot Rescue
PO Box 1609
Bellevue, NE 68005-1609

Photo courtesy of: Nebraska Parrot Rescue

 Please do what you can, because anything and every little bit helps!


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