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Written By: B.D. Butler - Oct• 02•12



This morning I sat down with my cup of coffee, and there was a message in my Parrot Earth mailbox from a former co-worker’s sister. She told me she works with, Nebraska Parrot Rescue, which is located in Bellevue Nebraska which is south of Omaha. In this message she said there was a hoarding situation in a neighboring state, and they would be taking birds into their organization. I told her, that I would definitely do what I could, and forward it to people who I know could help. So I waited.


I got my pic for Nebraska Parrot Rescue here.


Roberta Barr contacted me very quickly and told me some of the details about the situation. A woman began taking in birds as rescue efforts, and like so many times that happens, it turned into a hoarding situation. Eventually they were more than she could handle. In total there are one hundred birds that are voluntarily being surrendered to NPR and some other neighboring organizations. “She has been hoarding for more than 5 years. We are taking about 66 of the birds. they will be split between 2 of our locations”, Roberta said when asked about the woman surrendering the birds.

I got bird hoarder here.

Another hurdle these poor birds will have to face is their diet. When I asked Roberta about their diet she told me, “The food that she(the hoarder) could afford is one step up from wild bird food, so getting them on a good diet is key”. Roberta also added, “We use ZuPreem Fruit and Natural as well as Higgins Safflower Gold parrot and Conure food and Eco Cockatiel food. We would except ANY kind of food though. With over 100 birds most are medium to large birds i am sure they will be going through FOOD!!”

Nebraska Parrot Rescue is going to be taking the birds from the hoarders this weekend and they need help! “Cages, Toys, PERCHES, and food for all kinds of birds from Cockatiels to Macaws and Cockatoos”, is what Roberta said NPR needs the most right now. These birds are going to need immediate vet care as well. Let’s do everything that we can to help!

You can contact:

Nebraska Parrot Rescue here.

Ran by Roberta Barr
(402) 350-9923
our EIN# is 90-0400068

Roberta Barr

or make a direct donations here.

They also get most of their produce from Wal-Mart and you can get them a gift card to help here.

I got my pic for help here.


Here are a few inside looks from some of the local Nebraska news teams(click on the links below):

KMTV Omaha did this interview

News Net Nebraska

Or simply view below!


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