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Written By: B.D. Butler - Oct• 01•12

I got my photo for Parrot Trooper here.


A few weeks back I did a “Chats” article with All Parrot Rescue because I believe that their hard work needed to be acknowledged.  I like when people decide that they want to do something, and they follow their guts, and make it happen.  It’s the classic “Rudy” story. (if you haven’t seen Rudy, rent it, but have Kleenex)


You can get Rudy here.

So when I was invited to The Parrot Troopers page on Facebook, I began reading all about what they do.  I thought it was the most amazing concept, and I had to help/write about it!  They take rescue organizations all around the country and feature them on their Facebook site, hoping they can not only get the rescue some publicity, and not to mention donations; whether they be toys, cages, cash donations or whatever you can afford. It’s not just a local effort, it turns it into a worldwide effort!  That’s one thing I really like about the internet, and the avian community banding together to do something for rescues!

Sonya Brewer (APR) and yours truly.


This is what The Parrot Troopers had to say about All Parrot Rescue

All Parrot Rescue~ Parrot Troopers October 2012 Organization

By Viki Bullock in Parrot-Troopers (Files) ·

We had to do some switching around due to not getting all info in on time so next month’s group is now this month’s group so All Parrot Rescue is Parrot Trooper’s October organization for the month.  Woot! Woot!

APR is not 501c3 yet but has filed for their charitable status. They are registered with the State and Federal Government but as mentioned, waiting on a charitable status and then on to the 501c3. Nonetheless, many of us know the love and devotion APR’s Sonya and Steve provide the birds in their care, and their willingness to learn from their “bird peers” is amazing. As with any group, if you have any questions regarding their rescue, we encourage you to contact APR. The Brewers are always willing to answer your questions.

UBI: 603229898

FEIN: 90-0878446

About All Parrot Rescue:

We are all in this together – We are a husband and wife team who share a love of unwanted, abused and neglected parrots all over the world. Steve and Sonya Brewer have set out to help birds in need.

The have approximately 25 birds in their care from Cockatiels to Macaws


All Parrot Rescue

C/O Sonya Brewer 

19715 112th ave E

Graham WA 98338


 If you wish to send a cash donation, you may do so here:


Wish list

Cages / Play stands / Play gyms

Toys–for both large and small birds

Perches–all sizes and types (wood, rope, concrete)

Sheets and towels–

Crepe Myrtle branches, approximately 1 inch around or larger.  Pesticide free please!

Fruit bearing tree’s

Nut bearing trees

Paper Towels

Tarps for winter covering for aviaries.

Chain link

radiant heaters

Did we say TOYS..

Gift certificates to Lowe’s or Home Depot ~ Helps with the building of outside aviaries

Food–Zupreem fruity or natural pellets

Parrot blend mix without sunflower seeds

Nuts in the shell–almonds, pecans, walnuts, pine nuts

Organic fruits and vegetables

Fresh frozen vegetables

dried fruit

Would you believe that these items on APR’s wish list is very similar to other local rescues in your area?



The key to donating, is contacting the rescue of your choice, and finding out what they NEED.  It’s easy to get a list of items, order what they need, and have it sent directly to them.  They have made donating so easy these days, it’s just as easy to send something to an organization as it is to order something for yourself.


I got community here.


Imagine if every person that read this, logged on to The Parrot Troopers every month to see what the rescue organization was for the month, and donated.  That would make some very happy birds.  Even if it’s just a toy, food, or a gift card for home depot for upkeep.  

No it’s not all about the money! I know that in times of this economic crisis that we are all facing, we sometimes can’t adjust our budgets, and that’s okay too… have you considered volunteering?  Going in and doing a bit of cleaning, or even spending some time with some birds that so desperately crave the attention?  Imagine working with a bird that needs to learn to trust, so it can find that forever home.

So the question is…. what are you waiting for? 


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