Bottled Water…Sorta.

Written By: B.D. Butler - Sep• 25•12



I don’t know if your birds are anything like mine?  But Dex and Coop love to flail around in their water bowls, or even double dip their pellets and other various treats, like its a tasty ranch dip at a party.  Ever since I was a kid, and responsible for keeping the small horse water trough clean for out St. Bernard “Puppy“.  Yes we called him “Puppy” but his true name was originally Nacona Fransisco the Great, what can I say, my mother has a flair for naming animals.


 I like to do my research on getting my birds as healthy as possible, and sometimes trying new things can make the biggest difference.  This summer was one of the hottest on record, and we went weeks without rain and high temperatures, and in the Pacific Northwest that’s a rarity.  In fact, I know several friends, that were so tired of the dry weather, and all the sunshine.  Isn’t that funny, but I digress.


I got my pic for Lixit Bottle here, and bowl here.


Because it was so warm, I was concerned about the birds, having fresh water.  I change their bowls quite frequently during the day, but I also can leave a room, and they decide to go for a dive playing Esther Williams in Million Dollar Mermaid.  This being the case, I was taught that animals should always have the cleanest of everything, if possible.  I don’t like the idea of any animal drinking out of a bowl it has just bathed in, and really, would you drink your bath water?  


Dexter Bathing (forgive the quality, it was taken with a phone awhile ago)

So I started doing my research on water bottles vs. bowls.  From my experience in medicine, it doesn’t take a lot for bacteria to have a breeding ground, and take over.  Improper washing is the main problem, with both of these items.  You should wash them every few hours, because it takes very little with debris falling in, or dipping things, for the water to become contaminated.  Bacteria is tricky, and it’s important to cut it off at the pass, before it leads to bigger problems.  

Then there is the first morning huge “kerplop” of the day, that with Murphy’s Law, will land in their water dish right after you have cleaned it out.  It should be common sense right?  You’d be surprised.  Some people think that animals have a magical immune system that makes them immune to gross conditions, some people were never properly taught that animals can’t clean their own water dishes, and some people just don’t “think” about it because it just doesn’t occur to them.  Either way these are horrible excuses, I believe they should have to drink dirty water in my opinion, because I bet…. they would make some changes.

I got human water here.


The human body is made of up 70% water and birds are made up of 75% water.  Just like us, birds use the same percentage of fluids on average as we do.  It’s important that you and your feathered companion get 5% per day in order to replenish your bodies supply. Water plays such a large part of the daily operations of your body, and your birds.  So come on and  “Drink Up”!  

Before it got too warm, I ordered a Lixit mounting water bottle, and it worked like a charm.  Easy to install, and sturdy enough, so it doesn’t become a flying weapon.  The installation, the cleaning are all one thing…Easy.  Anything that makes my life a little less hectic, I am all for!

I got my Pur filter here.


I have a friend that will only give her birds filtered water,  and if you want to do that, go for it.  It’s not up there on my priority list, because I know that our tap water is fine, but I know that water varies depending on where you are, if you are on city water or well water etc.  It comes down to it’s your bird, your household and most importantly your choice.  

When we travel I make a point to have a couple of containers full of our “home” water, so it doesn’t throw their digestive tracts into total shock, and we also want to make traveling a pleasant experience.  Hey, I’ll own it, our birds are spoiled, and they love it!



I am always curious about what my readers think, and what they prefer with everyday practices, because my motto has always been “you will never know if someone else has figured out a better way to do something unless you ask”, so I did.  

Karen said “I prefer bowls, or either have both, I don’t think a water bottle by itself is a good option. I have had birds come into rescue dehydrated and/or with fungal infections because people forget to clean out the water bottles/clean them properly daily (they should be cleaned daily and even if the bird does not enjoy it). People also sometimes forget to check the little ball at the end to make sure it is still working to make sure the birds are actually getting water out of it. I know people prefer them sometimes because it is not as messy, but I would rather clean my birds bowls several times a day than for something bad to happen to my bird for a reason described above.”

Pam said “Bowls are more natural, they don’t clog up and get moldy. You just have to be diligent about changing the water bowls 2-3 times a day”

John said ” Bottles do not allow for a little shower now and then when they want them , also I have a couple of birds that use the bottle and it still needs as much work as the bowl, the nipple must be cleaned , and the water does go stale , I will always prefer the bowl, also the bottles are used as toys and they really do not secure very well on the cages , at least for the big birds.”

and my favorite;

Rita said “Both…. That way the bird can decide…….. :)”

(thanks to all the “facebookers” for throwing your opinions and experiences in the ring, I appreciate you every day!)


Options, I write about that a lot, giving your bird options, so it can decide what it wants at that moment.  I love that they both will use the bottle or the bowl, depending on what strikes their fancy, it also gives me comfort that I know they have clean water to drink.  So whatever you decide to do, remember to do your own research into changing any part of your bird’s diet, know why you are doing it, and make the decision with your birds best interest in mind.  

Humans deserve clean water, and animals do too!  Clean Water is just a ….RIGHT!




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