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Written By: B.D. Butler - Sep• 13•12

When I started, I never knew that it would have such an impact on aviculturists around the globe, it actually got scary to see where and how many people were reading my blog.  I have read many emails, and messages on Facebook, from people thanking me for having a fresh perspective,documenting my journey and not taking myself too seriously.  It is also an incredibly humbling and  fantastic feeling to know that people appreciate what you’re doing.  It’s a rare thing in this day and age when you can do what you love.

So thank you for all of your support, and kind words.  I can’t even begin to describe how great it feels every time I get a new reader subscribing to parrot earth, a follower on twitter or a “like” on Facebook (insert hint here).

I got my Facebook and Twitter here.

For decades, people around the world, had friends, books, seminars,  and only word of mouth, to help them get more information about their birds.  However now with this little thing that we call the internet,  bits and bites of information are at your finger tips.  Some of it good, and some of it bad.  Guaranteed, You are going to get various opinions, and sometimes even about the same subject.  For instance; clipping wings is a hot topic,  I personally think that whatever you choose is best for your birds and your household is your decision. If you want to clip or not clip, it’s really non of my business.  and I know some writers on other sites, won’t really talk or touch taboo items.  Hey I get it, no one wants to get fifty hateful comments on  a post that make you feel like the villagers are coming for you with pitch forks and torches.  I have also noticed some of the “evil” that has come out of the “chop” vs. “mash” diet/concepts.  It makes me feel like I am back in high school, and there is the Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera camps (which ironically is going on with a couple of networks and talent shows right now).  

Click here for Christina vs Britney


controversy [ˈkɒntrəˌvɜːsɪ kənˈtrɒvəsɪ]
n pl -sies
dispute, argument, or debate, esp one concerning a matter about which there is strong disagreement and esp one carried on in public or in the press
I got asked by a couple of people at the Macaw fundraiser, and some readers on Facebook private messaged me, what my take on it was.  I think if you are willing to go out, shop, do the research, and make your birds great amazing foods, that’s awesome!    I still applaud Patricia for bringing “chop” and parrot nutrition to the front burner across the globe.  She has reached an audience that otherwise might not have known about “chop” or “mash”, either way, she publicized the hell out of it, and now in parrot homes it’s a  world phenomenon.   I really don’t get why people have been so hateful towards her. Plain and simply I have seen some mean things written, in groups, forums, and even her own blog.  As far as I’m concerned,  you can call it rice crispy asian fondue, as long as they are getting a good diet I don’t care.  It’s about them, the birds, and not us.



It amazes me sometimes, how easy it is for people to just be downright venomous, and snarky.  Because of these very issues, I have seen some evil comments on fellow bloggers sites, Facebook pages, and even Twitter wars.  I will admit, I am the first to come back with a smart-ass sarcastic comment, and I take great pride in my wit, but really, come on. Just because you have an opinion, doesn’t mean it has to be the “right” one.  Can’t we all just get along?

I got Rock Paper and Scissors here.

Isn’t the point of using social media and the internet, to improve the world of aviculture, and improve our birds quality of life?  It’s easy not to be accountable to someone you insult who lives across the world from you, because the off-chance you will bump into them at the supermarket is probably slim to none.  However don’t you think that you should treat people as if you might bump into them somewhere?  The very people who you are insulting  have feelings too, and it doesn’t give you the right to cyber bully them.  We lecture kids today about not bullying, and what’s that phrase “practise what you preach, and do unto others”… well how about it?

I got this wonderful quote here.


I have had a very warm reception from the avian community that spans the globe, and met a ton of fantastic “new” colleagues whom I look forward to spending time with, and learning from.  I like the feeling of being a part of a close community, that so passionately committed to parrots, like I am.  


My grandma Betty, trick riding on Silver.


As my grandma Betty always told me “Keep your ears and ideas open, because you never know when you meet someone, they just might be able to teach you something”.



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