Rio the Movie

Written By: B.D. Butler - Jun• 19•12

I have been a huge fan of Disney, and Dreamworks, in fact my favorite animated movie of all time was Tarzan.  That’s right I said was.  When I saw Rio, Tarzan took a quick second on the list, because Rio is amazing in so many ways.  Granted the technology has advanced since Tarzan was made, but Rio is visually stunning.


Click on Photo for Rio.

Rio is about Blu, a Spix Macaw (very rare) that was basically orphaned in the height of winter in Minnesota.  Linda, a little girl, finds him and raises him right along side with her.  Fast forward, Linda and Blu go to Rio because there is another rare Spix Macaw there that happens to be a female, you can imagine where the story is going.

After the adventure of a lifetime, both Linda and Blu find love, and a new land of amazing adventure, and they both get what they want.

With voices from Jesse Eisenburg, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Fox, Leslie Mann, Wanda Sykes, and Jane Lynch just to name a few…you know its good!

Trust me, if you love birds, or just love animals, you have got to see this movie!  It is truly heartwarming, and an instant classic.

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