Written By: B.D. Butler - Jun• 06•12

Click on here for Buck.

I like to say that I “borrow” sayings here and there, but I will flat-out say that I stole this from Oprah.  This movie caused me to have such an “Ah-Ha” moment, that I watched it seven times.  I just didn’t want to forget anything.  It’s a fantastic documentary about Buck Brannaman who is the man who the character Tom Booker from The Horse Whisperer was roughly based on.  In fact Buck was Robert Redford’s stunt double in the movie.  Buck even ended up doing a lot of the horse training scenes with his own horse Pep.

Click on here for The Horse Whisperer.

The documentary goes into the story of how this horse trainer became such a gentle soul, and how he discovered his love for “helping horses, with people problems”.  I was moved to discover his past, and all of the trials he faced as a child.  He overcame so much hardship that would have destroyed most people, but he chose to rise up, and apply his pain and experience to something that he loves.

When you see Buck in the arena with a horse, “gentling” them into doing basically anything he wants, not out of domination, but out of sheer understanding and trust, you will be moved.  I know I was.


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