The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Written By: B.D. Butler - May• 24•12


Click on here for Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

I have been wanting to see this movie for a while now, I finally got a chance to sit down and view it.  It’s the story of a very big-hearted guy named Mark, sort of  a free spirit that has lived in San Francisco for the past 26 years and happens to be the unofficial keeper of the wild parrots on telegraph hill.  He was the caretaker of a house on the hill, and the birds just seemed to come into his life, and bond with him.  Mark said that at the time there were several “groups” that didn’t seem to be interested in the fact there were exotic parrots from South America living in the city of San Francisco.  So Mark decided to take the initiative and document what was happening, and eventually took his studies, and with the help of documentary director Judy Irving, Mark starred in a documentary about these amazing Conures, “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill“.  There is also a book that you can purchase if you’re more of a reader with the same title, “The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill“.

I guarantee if you are a “bird person” or even not, it’s an amazing story of how one person can make a difference in the lives of animals, and help shape the opinions of the people around you.  I was instantly intrigued by his gentle personality, and was waiting for him to go over the edge into the world of eccentric behavior.  I waited and waited, and it NEVER happened, he was just there with good intentions, and to help these birds.
i guarantee that you will love this story, and it will tug at your heart-strings, as it did mine!

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  1. Ali says:

    If you (and your readers) haven’t already, I really recommend that you read the book too!

    I was lucky enough to get to meet Mark and Judy and spend a, afternoon with them and they really are lovely people! Thanks for reviewing it!

    • B.D. Butler says:

      Oh wow! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that afternoon!! I was so impressed with his integrity and passion for those birds! His writing on his blog is phenomenal, and so engaging. I look forward to going to telegraph hill the next time we are in San Fran!

      Thanks for your comment!

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