Just one of those mornings… where is my coffee?

Written By: B.D. Butler - May• 22•12

Yawn.  This morning I woke up from a very heavy dream, you know the kind that you just really can’t seem to wake up from.  After about five minutes of looking around the bedroom, and listening to the dogs whine, I decided to take on the morning.

I let the dogs out, and stubbed my toe on the five gallon water dispenser (with two dogs and two cats, this comes in handy) because I really could not focus.  I am NOT and will probably NEVER be a morning person, in fact people that have known me for years know not to even speak to me, until I have had my morning coffee, or been awake for at least thirty minutes.  When I stubbed my to let’s just say I spouted off some cuss words under my breath.  With two parrots, you begin to realize what you can and cannot say around them.  They honestly will take on every sound you make, and especially those said in the heat of the moment. No one likes a parrot that drops f-bombs all day, it’s rude and honestly it’s rather tacky.


After the feeling of stinging pain subsided and I realized that I didn’t require an immediate emergency amputation, I decided to proceed with the day.  I uncovered the birds, and snagged their sheets on anything that was stationery.  Then I suddenly realized that I had not washed the birds food bowls from yesterday, so that was going to require a quick hot soaking.

After that small hurdle was jumped over,  and listening to Cooper with his impatient “I’m hungry” chirp, I quickly proceeded to open the refrigerator door.  A sad picture appeared before me, a sad picture indeed.


Where the “parrot food” is usually kept.

Apparently yesterday I decided to check out of my daily routine all together.  You see, when I feed the birds their breakfast, I always like to evaluate if I need to pull out a new bag from the freezer.  I pulled out a bag, and let cold water run on it, it thaws fairly quickly this way.  In about fifteen minutes, the frozen food was ready to be served.  Sometimes in the mornings, I feel like I should fold a tea towel on my forearm, and wear black tie whilst serving their highness’s.

As you can see, there is where it’s supposed to be.

While feeding the birds, and placing the bowl into Cooper’s cage, I seemed to forget how quickly he is to get territorial about his food, and nipped my finger.  I think it was actually his way of saying, “hello Jeeves, we have a schedule and you are deviating from it”.  Thankfully there was no skin damage, or blood lost.  So I went for my morning coffee, and realized that there was not any milk.  I actually despise black coffee, so this was just the topping on the cake of my morning.

After yet another “time out”  I decided not to “jump” and just take my not so happy ass to the corner store.  Upon reaching said destination, and getting my milk, I realized that I had left my bank card at home.  Really?  I was just waiting for lightning.

I then retreated to the house, and contemplated just boarding up the windows, putting a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, and hibernate in my bedroom until next spring.  However, that was not quite a viable option, and sometimes you have to “Buck Up” or as they say where I am from “Cowboy Up”.  I took a deep breath and was hell bent on getting that milk, for my morning coffee, and making something out of this day.


For Monsters Inc. Boo, click here.

So, you see sometimes, you have to stub your toe, take fifteen extra steps in your morning, to realize it’s really not the end of the world, and it may take a couple of trips to the corner store, but things will get better and eventually back on track.  It just takes a little patience and the right mind set.





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