A Breath of Fresh Air

Written By: B.D. Butler - May• 10•12

Summer is almost here, or at least a version of it.  The Pacific Northwest is notorious for liking to skip this season, or dangle a section in your face, and then retreat with it just as quickly as it came.  I know, why would anyone want to live in a place that has a very sporadic and odd summer?  Because, when it’s good, it’s great!  It can be one of the most beautiful places on earth, and they don’t call it the emerald city for nothing.  It’s truly the greenest place I have experienced in the US so far.


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So, when the iron is hot, you must strike.  If the temperature rises, you open all of the windows, and doors, and let that fresh air in!  I noticed when I moved here that there is a bit of seasonal guilt.  People feel as if when the sun is out, and you can be outdoors, you have to, otherwise you are wasting the “beautiful weather”.


I check the weather report on my iPhone regularly, and when the peak temps above 70 hit, I get the birds into their travel cages, and put them in the back yard.  We have a huge lilac tree that offers windows of light, and sections of shade.  They really enjoy sitting back there, and trying to mimic all the wild bird calls that they can.  Occasionally there will be an awkward wolf whistle at someone walking by, thankfully we have a privacy fence.

Lilac in bloom!

I also like to take the opportunity to pressure wash their cages.  I try to do this every four months, and it just makes it that much easier in the summer.  I love getting  their cages to look almost brand new again, and they love exploring all the new configurations that I can come up with by rearranging perches, and food bowls.  I try to do this regularly anyways, but since I have to take everything out to pressure wash , I really “go to town”.I

I think if anyone has a bird, and you can take them out for a bit of fresh air, you should.  It’s a new experience for them, and because it’s a new experience, it adds confidence as something they have conquered.  Self esteem is a very important ally for you and your bird.  If your bird doesn’t feel that confidence, they will have a tendency to retreat in their environment, and eventually develop fear aggression.  It’s a rather vicious circle.  Not to mention, new experiences with your feathered friend will add to bonding with you.  Imagine something that seems so small, having that large of an impact on your bird.  Hey, it’s the small things, right?




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