On The Road Again

Written By: B.D. Butler - Apr• 16•12

We just got home yesterday from our cabin on the beach, and Dexter and Cooper have become quite the little travelers.  Of course Dexter is a little more relaxed about it then Cooper.  I took Dexter everywhere we basically went for the first year, and he got accustomed to his travel cage, and the car ride.  Cooper on the other hand, is a little more leery of the experience, and has his travel quirks.  Including talking to people walking by the car in a parking lot saying “hello” “woo-hoo”, and barking at them.  You can get some really interesting looks.

Travel cages that need to be put away.

With the two dogs in the very back and the birds side by side in their cages in the back seat, it can get a little cramped, thank god for the Thile topper that can carry most of our stuff.  I cover the bird cages with sheets, and then a couple of waterproof blankets, so if one of the dogs decides to poke his head over to say hi, it doesn’t startle the birds  and they don’t get bit.  I also have to encase Cooper in cardboard around his cage, so in case he can pull back the sheet he doesn’t go for the leather interior.  They do have their little openings in the front, and peer onto the road ahead.  We of course play music in the car, and they enjoy that. Click here to see what I mean.  We have it down to a science!

Washington beach.

The dogs love going down to the beach, they get to run, and swim till their heart’s content.  The birds stay back at the cabin, because it’s a little chilly this time of year on the beach, but we’ll have to see in the heart of the summer how warm it gets.  I’m anxious to see how many new bird calls they learn, there is always something new.

In case you’re wondering about Clay and Sheldon who happen to be golden retrievers, and how they interact with the birds, they get along pretty well.  There is almost a weird symbiotic relationship sometimes.  Cooper loves to feed the dogs pellets, and loves watching them scurry over to eat.  The dogs also view the birds as noise makers.  Those sometimes high-pitched shrill that only a parrot could love, usually chase a dog away very quickly.  They don’t have unsupervised time together, and there was that one nip that Cooper gave Sheldon when he was a puppy.  So Sheldon usually steers clear when he can.  Clay is older and ignores them, unless food goes a flyin’.


At the cabin, I try to keep their schedule as regular as possible.  They are in bed by nine pm, and covered up for as long as I can get them to stay quiet.  Sometimes we get up earlier, so they start chattering away, waiting for their morning “Chop”.  Then they get room out to stretch their legs, and wings.  I bring tons of toys, and shredders so they can stay occupied.  Their cages are pretty good size, and offer them a chance to be able to crawl around and not feel like they are being smuggled somewhere.

Traveling with your birds is constantly a process that evolves, and you come up with better ideas than the last.  They love it, and it’s great to see them experience new things.

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