Oh Shredders, where have you been?

Written By: B.D. Butler - Mar• 28•12

As most parrot owners, I spend quite a significant amount of time searching for items that might keep my birds happy, and entertained. I happen to be out and about a few weeks ago, and found this package of “Shredders“.  I was actually contemplating doing some product reviews along with the book reports section for Parrot Earth, so I picked them up.  There is 30 feet in a roll, and they come in a few different sizes and color varieties, depending on your species of bird.


Their tagline is “tie a strip on to your bird’s cage, and watch the fun unravel”, and I have to say this doesn’t really cover it.  It should read “hours and hours of entertainment”!  Depending on the location that you put these little amazing strips, they seem to captivate my birds like the pied piper.  I have a couple adjustable perches that I have on the top of my bird’s dome cages, and I just tied a strip to one of the perches.  It took about five minutes for Cooper to realize it wasn’t going to eat him, then he decided to show it who was boss.


Shredders are pesticide free, and environmentally friendly, and are made by villagers in Asia who “rely on their handicraft skills to survive we work with many self-help organizations developing new ways for the low-income people to market their products effectively”, which I think is a stellar idea, and the implementation of this product is wonderful.  Helping people live, and helping keeping your bird sane, it’s a win-win for everyone.  Did I mention they only use recyclable material?


With the bright colors, and texture, if you have a bird that loves to shred and terrorize their toys, you will love Shredders!

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