A Parrot For Life

Written By: B.D. Butler - Mar• 19•12

I loved book reports in school, and I looked forward to getting people to read, and possibly fall in love with the same stories that I did.  A while ago, I asked a few people about some books.  Books that I should read, to learn about training, and more importantly learn to break the cycle of negative reinforcement that was ingrained in me from being raised on our family farm.  We were taught to dominate, and prove yourself as the alpha.  That sort of training may have a place and time, but not with parrots.  So that being said, I decided to give my personal reviews of some books, that I love, and may be helpful to the parrot owner next door.


Click here for A Parrot for Life.

This book, is one in a series of three that changed my views, and training methods.  If you are just getting a bird for the first time, there are tips to a little bit of everything from cage size, to cleaning, to what to and not to feed your new friend.  There is even a 5 top reasons for not getting a parrot!  Also  it promotes the great journey of positive reinforcement, and how taking the time to “gentle” your bird, will lead to a long-lasting bond.

This book should be in your arsenal when it comes to parrot care, and I have found reading it a couple of times, will help plant a lot of important information.  I have recommended this book to some of my friends, and everyone loves it, and I think you’ll love it too!  So, what are you waiting for, read A Parrot for Life!

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