Dancing with the Parrots

Written By: B.D. Butler - Mar• 02•12

Now that the newest 2012 Dancing with the Stars contestants have been announced, I thought about Cooper and Dexter and their own dancing abilities.


I got my photo for Dancing with the Stars here.

A lot of us have seen the cockatoo that went viral on YouTube dancing to Willow Smith “Whip My Hair”, and various Amazons that can shake a tail feather, please don’t mind the cheesy pun.  Have you seen an African Grey?  Great now I sound like stage father.  Next I will be contacting Abby Lee on Dance Moms to see if she accepts parrots, i kid.

I like to have music playing when the mood strikes, especially when I clean or write for Parrot Earth, or various publications.  Every now and then, depending on the music one or both of the birds will be bobbing heads, and really getting into it.  Cooper has impeccable rhythm and alternates raising talons to the beat, I think he secretly wants to be in the Step Up series of movies, or come to think about it maybe even a backup dancer for Cher (whom he loves by the way, with no help from me).


Cher and Cooper on tour I got my photo for Cher here.

We take several trips to the cabin on the Washington Coast, and of course we take the birds.  Well, this video was taken in the car last summer while Cooper was listening to the Glee soundtrack.  He loves dance music…. as you can tell.



I am not sure if I am sure I should encourage him to go into “the business”, we’ll see when he’s eighteen.

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