A Cooper Chapter

Written By: B.D. Butler - Feb• 29•12

As some of you are aware, we adopted Cooper about a year ago, and all was well in the beginning.  Then he started exhibiting some very aggressive behavior.  If you have ever seen Jaws, you get my drift.  This morning I woke up to a very nice comment from Jan Kinglsey, she wrote “I really enjoy your blog, how is your Congo doing? I am having trouble with my CAG (Congo African Grey) Radar and his biting” and wanted an update about Cooper because she is also going through a bit of an aggression situation with her Congo Radar.  I decided it was time for another installment into my Cooper Tales.

We moved both birds into the dining room, converting the “bird room” into an office.  We took down the chandelier, so I wouldn’t crack my head during cleaning, and I figured one of the birds was plotting their scheme to act out a scene from Tarzan.  Yet again, I turn into the kill-joy.

The move into the new bird observatory seemed to help with some moods.   The birds once again felt like they were apart of everything, and started to perk up a bit.  I can see why they would feel that way, I am a bit of a social creature, and I like being around people myself.  So putting me in a room, no matter how fancy and entertaining, if you can’t be with your flock/family, then what is the point?


I was told recently by a  friend that sometimes it may not look aesthetically pleasing, but if it works, that’s the only thing that matters.  Since moving them, they get time away from their cages, on their play stands, and Cooper enjoys attempting to turn his perch on his play stand into a splinter.  He also likes chewing on anything he can get his beak on.

We have also embarked on “clicker target” training.  Cooper seems to be aloof to the idea, but is coming along with it.  Dexter got it right away, and acts like Helen Keller when she discovered water and sign language.  It’s almost as if a veil has been lifted, he is very excited about training, and well, let’s be honest…. treats.


I got my photo for clickers here.

As I have said many times, owning a parrot is likely to be one of the hardest jobs you will ever love.  Boy are my birds loved, and loved , and loved some more.  The things we will do for our feathered companions, and the hoops that we jump through.  In the end, when one leans in with his beak and says “kisses”, it’s all worth it.


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