My Motherboard, My Self

Written By: B.D. Butler - Feb• 14•12

I bought my first laptop about two years ago, and I loved it!  Babied it, and even left that little screen protector on for the first week.  I think I was like the middle-aged guy that rubs his sports car with a cloth baby diaper.  What can I say, I was very proud of my purchase, and pleased with the product that I got.  I was absolutely aimed at making it last for as long as I could.  Unfortunately, there are forces in nature that come in to play, and take the control right out of your hands.  You are probably reading this and thinking of a trailer park after a Tornado, or that picture of the building crumbled and bucked after an earthquake.  You are half right… It’s called Hurricane Sheldon.


I got my photo for sad mac here.

You see, when you have a puppy that seems to be growing at every single day, you manage to forget that their height, is usually matched with the length of their appendages.  So when you have your laptop on an ottoman, with a glass of water, and he seems to decide to swing around in a flash, you take the risk of that said glass of water soaking your laptop.  I immediately knew it was all over, because one, I knew I had not backed up my system in over a year and a half, and two, hell, it’s just my luck.  I have always taken the path less traveled, what can I say, I’m an emotional masochist.  Let’s fast forward past the frustration, temper tantrum, and I will be honest, some tears.  The whole situation reminded me of an episode of Sex and The City.  Carrie managed to forget to back up her work, and her Mac crashed.  I at that moment, felt such empathy for her.

Imagine doing something that could be so easy, by just plugging it in occasionally, and letting it update.  HAHA!  I look at this as a learning experience!  So, we are on the hunt for a laptop that was the same as the other one (good quality and inexpensive) until the end of the year, when we are hoping to upgrade to the Mac world.  Ah, the Mac…. that’s a different post and entirely different obsession.


I am in a relationship with one of the most tech savvy people who I have ever met.  I however am just the opposite, and I take pride in my strengths and will sure as hell admit my weakness’.  I ask Eric for technical things to happen, and by some method of magic, they do.  I equate it to something very similar to the likes of Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.  Thankfully with a little ingenuity from my spouse, some things were switched into another computer, so we could back up my hard drive.  Thankfully the clouds parted, and all was not lost.

You live, you learn…. and if you are a writer, for god’s sake….Back It Up!


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