A Day in the Life.

Written By: B.D. Butler - Feb• 10•12

Routines are key in life, I discovered that a few years ago. I think with age, comes the need for some normalcy and a consistent schedule. Our animals appreciate it.

We usually get woken up with the dogs wanting to go out and be fed. In that process, the birds of course start their morning routines of whistling for the dogs, calling the dogs with a gravely “Clayburn, Sheldon, come here” from beyond the black cage cover. Then the “expert” whistling comes in. Cooper had to have been around an expert whistler in a former home. He can whistle like the oldster John that would hang out, drink coffee, and whittle in my mom’s store growing up. John’s whistling style was like that of the Frank Sinatra of air instruments. Such a great sound to listen to, and could whistle any tune, and make you swear you were listening to a recording.

I found this guy whistling, and it’s just about the only thing that I could compare to John’s whistling abilities. Such a talent. Maybe I should start recording Cooper and see if he could hit a million views on youtube.

When I wake up, I am not the morning person that I think the animals wish I was. I don’t really chat a lot, I in fact will turn on the tv, and my phone, just so I can give my brain a chance to turn on to full power. Well, and let’s be honest, a little coffee helps here and there. I will usually get up, and get the chop/beanies ready for the birds in their breakfast bowls. I like to let it heat up to room temperature , so I let it sit on the counter for about twenty minutes. While I am letting their food warm up a bit, I feed the fish, yes we have fish too. A wide known fact about our house is we have quite the menagerie of animals. I probably wouldn’t mind more, but Eric has learned to put his foot down, and say “no”. I still say that I want to own a zoo someday, but I am sure that is just a pipe dream.

I got my pic of “a day in the life” here.

The parrots get their breakfast, Cooper being the heavyweight eater he is, and well don’t mind the pun, but Dexter eating like a bird. I leave them with their breakfast for a couple of hours, then get rid of the carcass, and give them their pellets for the day. I try to make sure they have options, and give them treats here and there. If I am training, I like to do it in the am, right before breakfast, it’s amazing when you have some treats, and a parrot with an empty belly, just how cooperative they can be.

On the weekends I used to work my ten-hour days every Saturday and Sunday, in the stressful world of the monster I like to call the sports bar world. Thankfully those days are over, and I have a little more time for my animals, and family. I found it amazing that on those days, I was absent, and you could feel a little animosity from the birds when I would get home. They would project a certain vibe, and not be happy with being locked up all day, and then me being too exhausted to play when I got home. Then on Monday’s after a weekend of being on my feet for twenty hours, my body would need an entire day of bed rest. I love how grey’s are so intuitive! They would sense that I needed a day of rest, and just be their quiet little selves. Almost saying, “we understand, thanks for keeping us in pellets”.

I got my pic for sleeping parrot here.

Depending on the day, there are cleaning items that have to get done. We vacuum once a day, by the way thank you Dyson for your Animal vacuum, it has done wonders, and I don’t personally know what our house would do without it. It also helps to have two dogs, because they help clean up some of the left-overs from chop, and pellets. If Sheldon plays his cards right, Cooper will even feed him by dropping pellets to see him “come-a-runnin”.

Dusting is important when you have grey parrot’s because of the high dander they put off, even if you have air purifiers (I can’t imagine what it would be like without them either). Dexter hates, and when I say hates I insinuate that he hates the Dyson with the fire of a thousand suns. If he hears the wheels come out of the entry closet, there is immediately the alarm beep, and he gets territorial of his cage area. I made the mistake once of vacuuming around his cage with the door open, and he dive bombed the vacuum. I think it’s the color of the vacuum, I had a smaller Hoover a while ago that was about the same shade of purple, and he did the same thing with it. At least he sticks to his laurels.

Click here for clock.

I use “bird lights” aka UV lighting during the day to help with nutrition, and mood. (you can see my post on UV lighting here http://parrotearth.com/2011/02/10/full-spectrum-lighting-to-be-or-not-to-be/).

The birds of course love music, television, and Cooper has a weird thing for action video games on Xbox. It never gets old, to see them develop their personalities, and show exactly who they really are. Opposites in so many ways, it’s almost like having kids. One likes football, the other likes ballet, what can you do? Support their likes, and try to give them the best quality of life that you can. A little giggle along the way is just an added bonus.

Around bedtime, you can hear the beckoning calls of “are you ready for bed”, and it comes very frequently. About every two minutes, until the blanket of security covers them, and they feel satisfied. When we start shutting off lights, and getting ready for bed, the night whistling show starts. Hearing Cooper and his amazing whistling, and Dexter saying “night, night, Sheldon, sit”. For some out there, this day doesn’t seem like the most amazing thing ever, but for us, it is. Life’s simple pleasures.

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