Picky Eater…Where’s Mikey?

Written By: B.D. Butler - Feb• 08•12

Ah the joy’s of owning birds, you slave over a treat, and chop and bag and chop and bag, and one of your birds won’t eat.  Yes, of course I am speaking of Dexter, my little picky eater.  Dexter was clearly only fed pellets for most of his life.  He likes grapes, nuts, banana…. aka sugar.  Granted these items are really good, here and there, but one can not live on sugar alone.  Dexter has recently started eating various items including chop, beanie mix, fresh veggies, but it also depends on his moods.  It can be insulting with all of the love, heart and soul you put into feeding them…. BUT, you just can’t take it personally.  Some days you want Taco Bell, and others home made chicken and rice.



I got my photo of Mikey here.

Cooper of course is like Mikey, if he is hungry, he will eat anything.  I have consulted friends, and forums, and have gotten pretty much the same opinion, “present the same foods in different ways”.  Sometimes temperature helps, texture, and sizes of items.  Heck, even cutting the veggies into chunks, it’s hard to tell what your bird is going to like that day.

I also got a really good piece of advice. I used to keep paper on the inner grate of the cage, because I thought it was easier to clean, and my birds (at the time) didn’t shred paper, however that has changed since p.s. dot com.  Make sure they can’t scrounge at the bottom of the cage, and get their left over pellets.  First this is kind of gross, it’s like eating left overs that have been sitting on the counter for a week.  Second, it takes away an option of not trying new things.  Dexter snubs his nose at anything that he is not used to.  I feel for my mother, because I was THAT picky child, who wouldn’t eat anything.  (including hot dogs and mac and cheese, yes that’s what I said)  I feel for Dex because he just has no idea what is out there.

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Thirdly, after they have had the opportunity to scrounge for what they want (and trust me, a lot of your hard work will cover your walls) give them their pellets back.  Options are key, and until I see a parrot pull up a chair, a menu, and order his food in my house, I will give them as many options as possible, just to be on the safe side.

Do NOT leave their fresh veggies/chop/beanie’s in for more than a few hours.  Feeding your birds spoiled foods can be dangerous!

Remember different birds are like different people, they all have their own personality, and if something works better for you, than do it!  It just takes a little time to figure it out.

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