Why write a Parrot Blog?

Written By: B.D. Butler - Feb• 03•12

I had someone ask me recently, “why did you choose to write a parrot blog”?  So I had to sit down and ask myself, out of all the subjects in the world out there, “why did I choose to start parrot earth”?  Easy… because parrots are my passion.  Write what you know, and love, that’s what I say.  I went with a friend to a coffee shop recently, and to be honest since I worked at one, I really haven’t hung out and had an in house coffee beverage in awhile.

I got my pic for coffee house here.

So sitting in there I noticed about three people were on their own WordPress sites, writing away.  Of course I being the nosy person that I can be, tried like hell to look over their shoulders, but alas, no dice.  It got me thinking about why other people have chosen their topics for blogging.  Personally I think it’s absolutely loving what you are writing about.  The content should express who you are as a writer, and reflect your opinions.  After all, you are the boss.  I heard recently, the more that you write, the better you get.  I look back at some of my past content, and I was kind of like a tourist.  Not really sure where to go in the new bright lighted city.  Now I think that I am seeing Parrot Earth and it’s path, well right now.  I think that blogs change focus, just like their writers, and like the world that is around us.


I got my photo for blogging here.

Blogging about parrots is fulfilling to me… that would be the answer.  I have a passion and knack for it, and besides Perez Hilton was already taken.

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