Just a thanks, and a little homage.

Written By: B.D. Butler - Jan• 31•12

I had an in-depth conversation with someone over this past weekend at work.  She asked me about my blog, and upcoming website, and just “what it is all about”.  I think that when someone asks me questions about what I am doing on the side besides managing a sports bar and grill, I look for the opportunity to educate them about the world of aviculture.  Granted some people walk away and think I am a “bird nut”, but I guarantee when someone who they know gets a bird and has a question, I am the person that they get referred to.  Now in this conversation I was explaining the “camaraderie” that bird folk have, and she asked about competition.  I can only speak for myself, but I really don’t feel  a real competitive vibe within the blogs, and websites of the world.

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I started reading Patricia Sund’s blog, and I fell in love with the whole thing.  I have always lived my life with the idea that life should be lived with paying compliments where they are due.  I am new to the blogging world, and if it were not for Pat, I would not have had the inspiration and guts to throw my hat in the ring of online opinions.

I got my photo of Patricia Sund at here.

I have gone to Patricia for advice on various things, and she has been so kind, and taken the time to actually help me out.  You have to understand that Pat is kind of a celebrity in this little world of ours.  When I say “little” I mean, since youtube, and the internet, the seas and continents don’t seem so huge after all.  Pat’s video of a little unknown penguin went viral on youtube, and was on the today show.  I always said you are no one, until you have to get an entertainment attorney, an agent, and your first stalker.  Pat has not let her “fame” go to her head, and remains very humble and appreciative of her success as a blogger, and let’s not forget her column in Bird Talk “A Memo to Parker and Pepper”.

Let’s talk about the latest installment on Parrot Nation, it’s a video collaboration of people all over the world (heck there are even a couple shots that we sent her) making chop (chop is a food concept that has also gone viral that Pat came up with), and the sensation and diet changing concept for parrots all over the world.  Because of this concept, parrots are being given the chance to have a better diet, and quality of life.

So if you have a chance, stop by Parrot Nation (it’s on my blog roll) and check it out.  You will see just what I am talking about.

As I have always said…Give compliments where they are due, and pay a little homage to the people that inspire you.  It’s always great to hear something nice.

Patricia, thanks for being such a true inspiration to a guy that wanted to get back into writing, and who happened to be new to the , what used to be abyss, world of aviculture.


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  1. Okay, going to crawl under the couch now… Seriously, that was such a nice thing to say and to do. I’m very appreciative of your high praise and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    I’m glad you got back into writing, because the more you write, the better you become.
    I began with no real direction in mind. I knew I had to write and thought starting a blog would be a good way of getting my writing “Ya-Ya’s” out. It worked. The blog began to take off and my writing has improved. Dr. Susan Friedman was the individual that shoved me into writing years ago and I’m happy that she did.
    You’re doing a great job and I’m proud of you! Best of luck with your blog!

    • B.D. Butler says:

      Well… you deserve it! Sometimes being out in the public eye, and popular can be lonely and thankless. So I thought I would give you a little credit, where it is seriously due. Thanks again Pat! You’re the cat’s pajamas, or I guess Bird’s Pajamas in this case.

  2. […] shop, do the research, and make your birds great amazing foods, that’s awesome!    I still applaud Patricia for bringing “chop” and parrot nutrition to the front burner across the globe. […]

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