It’s Rex Manning…err Bird Talk Day

Written By: B.D. Butler - Jan• 13•12

There was a movie called Empire Records from back in the 90’s that helped me develop my style and individuality, I think everyone has one of those growing up.  In this movie, there is a celebrity that comes to their independent record store to sign autographs…. “No, we mustn’t dwell, we can’t…not on Rex Manning Day!”.

It just makes me smile…. I have my own version of Rex Manning Day. This is when I let my bird freak flag fly!  When the mail person delivers my latest issue of bird talk, it puts a little pep in my step. All of the articles, and my birds favorite “Memo to Parker and Pepper” by Patricia Sund (if you own greys you can relate to every article). I would not be a “bird” person without that first second hand issue of bird talk over twenty years ago…. Thanks Bird Talk.

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  1. […] I, as a writer have ways of tying things into my life with raising parrots and the world of aviculture.  Now, you are probably asking yourself, what the heck does Beaches have to do with parrots and aviculture.   Well I just recently got wind that one of the main reasons I am in the world of parrots is now ending.  Bird Talk Magazine is now ending its run.  It is not certain if Bird Talk will be turning into an online feature or as is also knows as an E-zine.  I understand the economy is in the hole, and things just can’t be afforded, it however does not make the sting of the situation feel any better.  I looked forward to Bird Talk being delivered every month.  In fact I blogged about it! Click here. […]

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