Foraging = Happy Parrot

Written By: B.D. Butler - Jan• 13•12

I have been working on several ideas as far as foraging goes. I think that I have actually shot myself in the foot, as per usual. I tend to over think things, and try to make the basic a little too fancy. I foraged myself (yes a little pun) for toys and treat boxes high and low, and ignored my instinct of trying simple household things. I had a couple of plain foraging containers, that the birds got sick of. So I thought I would keep them in a drawer until they forgot about them. Cooper has his everyday parrotpocket and he loves to eat out of it, and attempt to tear it to shreds when it suits him. Dexter has a simple rubber egg looking thing, that holds treats, and he has to stretch the holes to get his treats.  Simple, right?  Well I got a bright idea to throw in some coffee filters, paper (which who doesn’t like to shred) and make it a little more challenging.  I also like to show them what reward they are looking for…. kinda like show and tell.  This is what the payoff is, now go fish.

I like to put it off of the beaten path so they really have to work.  Away from perches, so they can stretch, and get their exercise.  One of the neatest things I think I love about parrots is their ability to problem solve, and the way that they do it.  They are very cerebral thinkers, and try the most basic steps first, then improvise.  Just when you think you have it figured out, how they will solve the situation at hand, wham, they will come at it just the opposite way.

I have done my research on how to keep your parrot entertained.  Sometimes it takes just the smallest things to keep them busy, and it keeps you entertained for hours.  Life’s Simple Pleasures.

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