A Little Comic Relief

Written By: B.D. Butler - Jan• 06•12

I got my photo for Comic Relief here.

I think it is so amazing how intuitive animals are. I actually think that is why I have always wanted to work with them so badly, they can say a million things, without saying a word. Today we got some bad news, and there has been a somber tone about the house all morning. The animals have definitely felt it, the dogs would not leave our sides, the cats wanted to add a little love, and the birds were very quiet. I know there is something afoot when the birds are quiet and choose to skip their morning show. I made Cooper and Dexter breakfast this morning, chop accompanied by fresh pumpkin, and banana. As I sat with my morning coffee, I hear banging, and managed to get a little video of the ruckus.

Clearly I did not get the order correctly. Maybe he wanted eggs over easy, or side of marble rye toast… who knows. It was a nice comic relief for the morning. Thanks Cooper.

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