A Letter From Sheldon

Written By: B.D. Butler - Jan• 03•12

Dear Cooper,

You know that I am just a four and a half month old puppy, and am curious about everything that goes on in my environment, including you and your cage.  I especially enjoy when you grab a handful of food like one of the bowling alley stuffed animal machines, and drop birdie pellets for me.  They are a nice change from the Avoderm dog food and biscuits that I am usually subjected to.


You and I have been nose to nose, literally, and I thought that because of this experience that we were friends.  However, I don’t know if you woke up on the wrong side of the perch or what, but you bit me.  I was incredibly shocked, because this has never happened before.  It scared me, to the point that I had to go take a nap, because of the adrenaline rush.  I assumed that because you slid down to the seed skirt on your cage that we were going to have a nose to nose bonding moment again, wrong!

I appreciate you just giving me a warning bite, and not doing any damage, but I think our little bro-mance is over.  I will make sure to avoid your cage, and you until you can be nice.

Thank you,


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