Move locations, and change your luck?

Written By: B.D. Butler - Dec• 14•11

I occasionally enjoy going into a casino, and playing slot machines.  I have actually had really good luck on them, and only go when I get the “itch”.  My mom told me that when you start to lose, and your machine goes cold, you have to move locations to change your luck.

You see, yesterday Cooper and I had what I am calling a “disagreement”.  I decided I was going to bring him out of the bird room, and put him on his play stand in the dining room, which had sun shining through the window, and appeared to be something that he would enjoy.  Oh, how silly of me!  Right in the middle of mid-move, Cooper’s eyes quickly went to pin-heads, and he went for the hand that he happened to be on.  Well, I put up a bowl of treats that I was carrying in the other hand to try to distract him, Wham he struck the bowl, treats went everywhere, and he went right back after my last knuckle on my hand.  Separating skin from meat and meat from knuckle.   I could handle no more pain (of which I know we are supposed to ignore it, but I seriously doubt that when Caesar Milan has a pit bull latched on to his knuckle and blood starts spurting everywhere, he will just let it go) I pulled my hand back, and Cooper landed on the floor.  Cooper’s wings are clipped, but very minimally, he has what we call landing gear, so he doesn’t just slap to the ground, he can glide down and pretty gracefully if I do say so myself.


So after this, Cooper decided he was going to go after my bare feet.   I can only imagine how ridiculous it must have looked having a gray parrot chasing after me across the living room.  Now I know what the mother in Cujo felt like.   I left the room grabbed a perch, and he was not having it.  So for the first time in a long time, I had to towel him, so I could put him back into his cage.  There are people who are going to read this, and say “that’s rewarding his behavior, you should have taken him to his perch”, yes that is true, but I didn’t want him going after our new golden retriever puppy in his heightened aggressive state.  I will be honest with you, I also needed  an opportunity to give myself a time out, and lick my battle wounds.  Even though you shouldn’t take attacks personally, when you feed them, and nurture them, it’s really hard when they bite the hand that feeds them, literally.

I adopted Cooper from a home, where he exhibited severe aggressive behavior towards males, and I thought that I could change the behaviors.  I also have NEVER proclaimed my expertise in the field of avian science, nor avicutlure,  but I thought I had the proper tools.  Well, let’s just say that there is no guarantee, and Barbra Heidenreich says in all of her books, and dvd’s, “take a step back, and figure out your part in the exercise” of which I love, and I think everyone should apply this to their everyday lives.

Cooper seemed to be making better strides with his aggression, and I have to think about then things started to go south a little bit.  The only thing that we can think of is when they got moved to their own bird room.  Even though they were so spoiled and had their own TV to watch cartoons on etc.  I think they missed the interaction of the house.  So we have decided to attempt moving them into the dining room, and converting the bird room into an office.  Hopefully this will alleviate some of his issues, and get him back on track.  If after a few months if he doesn’t seem to improve, we may have to look into other options for him.  The most important thing in his life is that he is happy, and has the best quality of life.  This means having an owner he likes, and bonds to, not just someone who slips him treats and he secretly is plotting their homicide from the corner of a room.

When thinking about the situation, I immediately thought, what would my bleaders say?  I think that me being forth coming and writing the honesty and vulnerability of the situation will be more beneficial.  This is just an example of my path into this field, the good the bad and the ugly.  It just goes to show, you never know with parrot’s where the path is going to take you.  Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches, and always keep your feathers first!

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