Name Brand… or The Other Guy?

Written By: B.D. Butler - Dec• 07•11

As Parrot owners, just like in any other area of the real world there are the designer brands, and then the generic.  I used to say to my mother when I was young “choosy mom’s choose Jif, my mom chooses general fine”, meaning she chose the generic peanut butter instead of the oh so tempting Jif.  Knowing marketing, the name brand advertising is supposed to lure you in to spending your hard-earned dollar on their product.  Showing you that you deserve to spend your money, and you are worthy of having their item in your home.  Billions of dollars get spent every year, on just how to do this.  Whether it is going into Petsmart and listening to the rumored subliminal messaging that says “buy me”.

I got my photo for Hermes Birkin Bag here.

Spending $5,000 dollars on a Birkin Bag, may be very well within your means, and it’s all a personal choice.  I feel if you have the income, and can afford such items, go for it.  Whatever floats your boat, I personally could not justify such a purchase.  I have a few friends that have come over to my house, and seen the amount of perches, cages etc that linger in our house.  It was brought to my attention that owning a parrot is like having a Birkin like lifestyle, or having that louboutins addiction.  It’s a matter of perspective and taste.

One of out travel cages.

I can honestly say that with our expensive lifestyle of aviculture, I am always looking for a good deal.  I said good deal, not something that will compromise my birds’ health to save a dollar.  Looking at some of the more costly cages for traveling, I got creative and bought a dog crate, and poof, instant parrot hotel.  It saved me about $150 and it may not look like the designer brand, but it works.

Photo Courtesy of Geraldine Schreck


A California Cage I sold.

The white cage I sold on craigslist, for very little money.  After we got Dexter a cage with a playpen on the top/side, I put an ad on CL and this cage was gone within days.  Before the man that bought it came to pick it up, I power washed it, and made sure that it was fresh and ready for him, and even cleaned it with a bleach sterilization solution.  I got an email shortly there after, thanking me for selling him such a nice cage for such a reasonable price.

Eric made a home made window perch with suction cups out of pvc, with some vet tape.  Saved us about $25, and in bird terms, that equates to treats, a new toy, or half a large bag of food.


home made window pvc perch

So the bottom line here is, my favorite words are “Free”, “Sale”, and “Clearance”, and that doesn’t mean skimp on safety.  You can get great deals if you just look for them.  You can also get those creative juices flowing and figure out how to save some money.  Just because owning parrots can be expensive, doesn’t mean it has to be any more than it already is.


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