Welcome toThunderdome, Two Parrot Enter, One Parrot Leave

Written By: B.D. Butler - Dec• 02•11

Sometimes it’s hard to keep the right perspective on what the holiday season is all about.  Whether you are celebrating the Christmas season, or Hanukkah, or whatever the holidays are about family, and feeling that spiritual connection with whatever you believe in. Joy to the world, and Good will towards good men.  That’s what the theme is “supposed” to be anyways, right?   Today we had an interesting behavioral manifestation happen in the world of Dexter and Cooper.  Now, since Cooper came to live with us, Dexter was ,well you can say “somewhat” annoyed, and I wasn’t too sure if they would be friends, or how their relationship would be defined.  Eventually Dexter started attempting to dive bomb Cooper from cage to cage, like a fighter pilot on D-day.  This I thought was a problem, considering Dexter is one third the size of my beloved Cooper.  I thought, “will curiosity kill the parrot?”.


I have made it public knowledge, that I have had my issues with Cooper and his aggression issues, and they are getting better.  I also don’t mislead people by making owning two parrots a hay ride.  It’s hard, and a lot of the time it’s a pain in the ass, but along with that it can be  the hardest job you will ever love.  I could only imagine what the x-large congo Cooper was capable of.  What is that expression “big bangs come in little packages”?  Oh how true that one is, Dexter has decided that the bird room is in his domain, and he can just go where he pleases.  By everywhere, I mean even in Cooper’s cage.  This morning after waking them up, and doing the normal routine of opening the cages, and letting them get their exercise, and stretch their wings,  I heard a crash.  Thinking that Dexter had decided to attempt another walk-about through the house, I ran into the room, and to my shock, there was Dexter inside of Cooper’s cage hanging upside down, and bullying him into submission.


I got my image for Tina Turner & Mel Gibson here.

I immediately went to the image of Mel Gibson fighting for his life in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.  “Two men enter, one man leave”, is the famous tag line from the movie.  I saw poor Cooper shuttering on the floor of his cage ready to defend himself.  Of course Dexter was in “I’m king of the mountain” mentality, and would not respond to my step-up command.   I knew I had to get him out , so I went to the fail safe, dried banana.  It took some coaxing to get him back to reality, but he figured it out.  I then put him back in his own cage, and attempted to comfort Cooper.  I was very thankful, he had held back, and didn’t turn his cage into a bloodbath.

Welcome to Thunderdome

Granted, wild parrots do not fight usually to the point of blood shed, but with domestic parrots, and invading such personal territory, who is to say what could happen.   I was told when I got them, they at the very least would tolerate each other, and I think we have been lucky so far.

Let’s just say they will be supervised much more closely, and I will start referring to myself as warden.

So, who know’s what is next…. Parrot UFC fights?  Let’s cross our toes on that one.

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