Ho Ho Ho… the Mistletoe?

Written By: B.D. Butler - Nov• 29•11

Holiday Season is officially here, and our house looks like FAO Schwartz.  This is absoutlely when I turn into watch dog, and make sure that the birds aren’t getting into trouble.  There is just so much for them to chew on, and destroy, not to mention the dangers that are around every corner, literally

So, I like to keep them on their playstands in the living room, and not let them wander, “ignorance is bliss”, and “what you don’t know, won’t hurt you”… they won’t get the chance to realize what they are missing.

All of our animals have stockings, and I look for stuffers for them.  Now is the time that you can find the great sales on the items that are particularly expensive or out of your budget the rest of the year.

Just a little word of warning, be careful about birds and strands of lights!  They can clip one in half in seconds, and risking the possibility of electrocution.  They can also get hung up, and severely hurt themselves.


Be aware of the possibility of your bird getting into something, and be AWARE of the poisonous items that your birds can be exposed to during this time of the year.

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